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excessive sensitivity to criticism

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Defensiveness makes us feel uncomfortable, hostile, and/or guilty.
They said the director's remark reflected a longstanding unwillingness within the bureau to admit error and a defensiveness about any notion that the FBI had invaded citizens' privacy on orders from the White House, a task it performed routinely under J.
The church must recognize its guilt as a divided church and leave its ways of defensiveness and domination.
If odor-induced risk assessment is generally insensitive to major experimental manipulations, then its usefulness for the study of defensiveness may be somewhat compromised.
Fifteen years of teaching business communication seminars have enabled me to experiment with ways to alleviate some of this frustration and defensiveness.
Hence the Dole campaign's desperate defensiveness on the matter of age.
Rather than beginning the meeting by enumerating the problems, which can heighten an employee's defensiveness, ask, "How are things going?
Such variations result not only from intellectual deficits (which are alluded to specifically by Winnicott), but also from pre- and/or post-disability personality characteristics such as rigidity and "non-coping" defensiveness.
The fear is he'll be bullied into defensiveness by Con charges that he's a Leftie.
Adog and a diner have provided a very human lesson about how misunderstandings and defensiveness can get out of control.
The Twofer - when a woman holds her clutch with both hands across her front - indicates shyness, or defensiveness.
Melissa Amarello of Arizona State University and two citizen scientists monitored new Crotalus cerberus morns and found a burst of defensiveness, Females that once tolerated people coming within a few yards began rattling at intruders from
They focus on explaining how to diagnose diversity flashpoint situations and remedy them without creating defensiveness and barriers to dialog.
Our 475p fair value estimate is based on 2009 forecasts and a sector premium, reflecting its relative defensiveness.
Out comes the hard-boiled orchestral defensiveness, but not in this case.