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Synonyms for defensively

in self-defence


Antonyms for defensively

in a defensive manner


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While we have looked better defensively, attacking-wise there is no fluidity and is still a major cause for concern.
But saying that, I don't think we played defensively there in the same way that we didn't play defensively at Liverpool.
Angel Diaz played a strong game defensively for Grafton.
The Manchester City man may be better defensively but we needed an outball.
We continued to pass and probe but defensively we weren't good enough and that was shown with last goal.
They've looked a lot better defensively and they have some talented players who can score.
He needs to concentrate a little bit more defensively and, if he does that, he's got everything.
HARTLEPOOL United striker Joel Porter admits his team will have to improve defensively if they hope to contain Bristol Rovers' prolific target man Rickie Lambert.
That is probably the worst display defensively since I came to this football club.
For us to kind of stifle them there in the third quarter defensively, that should give us a lot of confidence and momentum.
So this final will be something of a one-off because normally you have teams that play a bit defensively.
We went 9-3 and finished second defensively in our conference with a 175.
Matt Glennon: Made couple of terrific saves but should have done better at Killie's last-gasp winner6 Andy Lawrie: Solid defensively and constant threat at set pieces at other end .
He further found 1 in 6 of those who used guns defensively believed someone would have died if they had not resorted to their firearms.
Larger companies have the finances to act defensively to thwart attacks by blocking sites of offending Internet service providers.