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As pearl diving became an important business and trade flourished, further defensive structures were added, including crenellated walls and towers with "murder holes" where stones or combustive material could be dropped on besiegers.
The defensive structure is not something to blast through but instead is to be relaxed into.
Grayson, although playing out of position, grew in confidence as the game developed, meaning that Munster had to discover more astute methods of breaking down Northampton's defensive structure.
Mark Hughes, so often the hero of Old Trafford, could not have recognised the creaking defensive structure that so angered United boss Alex Ferguson.
Although discipline, tackling and defensive structure, tactical kicking and the breakdown were all areas where Wasps could have improved, Cittadini identified a lack of patience in attack allied to handling errors as being what he saw as being key factors in their defeat.
But are Cardiff really building a defensive structure this term or are they simply going into games too defensive minded?
I spoke before the game and I knew that we were going to score," he added "but what we knew is that we were facing a team which is incredibly well organised and possibly has the best defensive structure that there is in the league.
Also arriving at Laund Hill will be current Sheffield Eagles RL assistant coach David Larder, who will be in charge of the National III North side's defensive structure, while Dave Dyke and Neil Walker will be the forwards coaches and Matt Johnson and Matt Garrety will be in charge of the backs.
Right now, Pulis's defensive structure can secure our future.
There's nothing in our defensive structure that isn't good.
Luiz struggled to find his feet for the Blues when he made the move to west London from Benfica in 2011 but last season as he became more disciplined and accustomed to English football the 26 year old helped create a much more consistent defensive structure in the squad.
The statement lauded the Army's achievements in repairing, restructuring, reconstructing, renovating and updating its units, and reiterated that the Army, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and Basij (volunteer) force have boosted national self-confidence and the country's defensive structure and its power of deterrence.
A defensive military strategy was endorsed by the GCC leaders at the Kuwait summit in 2009 "as a significant step to build a common defensive structure for the GCC".
Or maybe it's just easier for a team with several new faces to settle into a more defensive structure away from home than it is to play a more expansive style, and we're all expecting a bit too much too soon.