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5% of companies whose defensive measure was structured to require shareholders' approval have set up special committees.
What is unfortunately certain is that landlords and obligees under guaranties and other contracts will have to consider carefully the impact of allowing a default to be cured rather than immediately exercising all rights available at the time, including immediately engaging outside counsel and perhaps commencing litigation as a defensive measure prior to any resolution of defaults.
Hokuetsu planning defensive measure against Oji's hostile bid
might make bids of their own as a defensive measure.
One explanation for this move is that it is a defensive measure to prevent increased parallel trading by western European retailers in central Europe.
According to Aquinas' book On War, a war of self-defense needs "no special moral justification;" however, an offensive war should be viewed only as a defensive measure.
The British duo rejected speculation that the merger was a defensive measure against possible European expansion by Wal-Mart (see story page 4).
Chairman of selectors the last time England sent an Ashes party Down Under, Illingworth said: "Four years ago, Phil Tufnell did an effective job bowling over the wicket into the rough just outside leg-stump - and not just as a defensive measure.
The consequences of this lapse of communication are greatest in Russia, where the Parliament has not yet been convinced that expansion is not a defensive measure aimed at Russia.
If a PO was born as a defensive measure to try to stall managed care, the PO will likely experience an early death.
An air force spokesman said that sending flights to its air defence zone was a defensive measure to protect the country's airspace and was in line with international common practices.
LONDON, Shawwal 22, 1434, Aug 29, 2013, SPA -- Britain is sending six RAF Typhoon jets to Cyprus as a defensive measure amid growing tensions over Syria and talks of Western military intervention, Reuters reported.
As a defensive measure, hajj pilgrims, health workers, sufferers of chronic diseases and children from 6 months to 5 years were first to receive the swine flu shot.
The defensive measure is the issuance of equity warrants that will allow Hokuetsu shareholders other than the bidder to double their shareholdings to dilute Oji's voting rights and make it difficult for Oji to take control of Hokuetsu.
After the eagle-related call, the hornbills got noisier, making more calls than before the recording, and more than 70 percent of the birds approached the sound, a typical defensive measure that presumably indicates to the intruder that it has been seen.