defensive attitude

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an attitude of defensiveness (especially in the phrase 'on the defensive')

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A defensive attitude, which hampers their ability to engage with prospects--and close sales.
City's no-nonsense defensive attitude was underlined late in the game when Cameron produced a huge clearance that put the ball out of Vicarage Road into the hospital grounds next ball.
We didn't come out with the defensive attitude that we needed to; they got whatever they wanted," Paul Pierce said.
But above all, Lydiate epitomised the steely defensive attitude with a monumental man-of-the-match performance.
Get that right and go out there with an attacking attitude, rather than a defensive attitude and survival," Warne said.
He hailed Shura Council member and journalist Samira Rajab, who attended the Majlis to greet him, lauding her patriotic stance and defensive attitude of the Bahraini national identity and the one-family spirit characterizing the Bahraini people.
They could fly out of the traps but with Derek McInnes' side showing little sign of abandoning their frugal defensive attitude, the visitors could find it difficult.
The prime minister's rather defensive attitude gives the impression both at home and abroad that the government may be withholding information.
If people feel things are being forced on them, they will have a defensive attitude.
HNWs' defensive attitude requires a proactive wealth management service.
He looks the part, performs well, and proves a decent foil for Alex's endless defensive attitude, but it would have been nicer to see him more.
What alarms me though is the defensive attitude we seem to adopt against any criticism, whether internal or external.
There are not a lot of success stories; it's more of a defensive attitude.
Add to that a more solid defensive attitude since the signing of Bostjan Cesar and you can see why the Baggies are the favourites to get into the Premier League automatically.
Does your defensive attitude become more passive, more aggressive or stay the same?