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Synonyms for defensive

Synonyms for defensive

an attitude of defensiveness (especially in the phrase 'on the defensive')

intended or appropriate for defending against or deterring aggression or attack

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attempting to justify or defend in speech or writing

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Defensive linemen are in an attack/read mode and will read the blocker's hat.
The primary focus will be to assist in meeting the cost, schedule, and technical goals for supplying the Submarine and Surface fleet with the highest quality defensive warfare systems and devices possible.
Shapira suggests that Tel Hai's "clearly defensive message" is shown by its central image of the pioneer who also fights as against "the fighter, whose only craft is warfare.
A significant threat to a self-image leaves us with basically two alternatives--accept or ignore the threat, or protect the self-image by defensive behaviors.
Second, the corporate law of Delaware and other states clearly favors defensive strategies that are implemented well in advance of a hostile takeover attempt.
1-2: The first defensive alignment is called "Smother" since it has every defender playing his man in somewhat of a pressure stance.
Defensive thinking and strategy should be to limit the opponent to no more than one first down.
The three full-court zone presses and various half-court defenses can be easily identified, and thus permit the coach to integrate the various defensive combinations and make them both unpredictable and difficult to attack.