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Synonyms for defensible

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended against armed attack

capable of being justified

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended


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By including less information, this group may have been avoiding the topic as much as they could because of the difficulties inherent in defensibly expressing the concepts.
ROT data can be defensibly deleted in line with your retention policies.
By diligently identifying the 28%-30% of an institution's information that constitutes records (as identified in the 2012 Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council's survey)--that is, information that 1) is necessary for the continuation of the business, 2) could have evidentiary value, or 3) is required to be maintained under statutory or regulatory mandates--the remaining 70%-72% can be defensibly targeted for deletion, enabling greater control over storage growth, decreasing storage needs and costs, and limiting the extent of the damage in the event of a breach.
Biggest e-discovery challenges Locating potentially responsive data 45% Controlling the amount of data sent for outside review 21% Tracking legal holds 17% Managing multiple e-discovery projects at once 17% Defensibly deleting data that was on legal hold 17% Other 14% Source: Exterro Note: Table made from bar graph.
All things considered, given the stipulated assumptions, George might defensibly accept the job, and the North might maintain its emissions.
Skinner, Edge, Altman, and Sherwood argued that too many discrete coping behaviors (such as social support seeking and emotional discharge) can defensibly be placed on either side of the approach/avoidance divide (2003).
For that to happen, all data in transit and all data at rest (in India) would have to be defensibly encrypted, with keys residing in Germany.
Rather, as in the case of the Habermasian discourse conditions, the dialogical ideal functions as shorthand for a set of ground rules that need to be instantiated to the greatest extent possible in the here-and-now as a basis for defensibly claiming that the policy outcomes arrived at are genuinely judicious and equitable rather than a by-product of unregulated power plays.
There are content-based retention solutions out there that can index and systematically move only relevant data to the most cost-effective storage and defensibly delete everything that is irrelevant to the business.
34) Consequently, issues of corrective justice can be defensibly addressed by a rights-based compensatory decision rule that seeks to implement the normatively appealing attributes of the Pareto principle under nonideal conditions.
From the perspective advanced in Chan's piece, we should not perhaps be too quick to prefer a literal or defensibly faithful translation of the title of Yecao: we can appreciate what is lost, gained, and transformed in translation because its queering effect is inherent to reading, to the materiality and reality of the text.
8220;Cumulus Data can now let AWS users identify, control and reduce the amount of potentially responsive information through an easy-to-use, web-accessible, collaborative platform, securely and defensibly.
In this volume Kumarasingham turns his attention from one of the 'new Westminsters', as he styles the settler dominions, to two others; the parliamentary democracies established at independence in India (1947) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon, 1948: Kumarasingham defensibly uses Sri Lanka, the name formally adopted only in 1972, throughout the text).
Whatever the case may be, it is in such context that we can now defensibly begin to speak of the end of art.
adds a layer of management complexity, especially when determining the most efficient and reliable way to ingest, protect, organise, access, preserve and defensibly delete all this vital information from the broad variety of sources.