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Synonyms for defensible

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended against armed attack

capable of being justified

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended


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With data properly governed and defensibly disposed, compliance risk and litigation risk also can be greatly reduced.
But while locating data was viewed as the biggest challenge among all types of legal department employees, litigation support cited managing multiple e-discovery projects as a major challenge, while IT professionals struggled with defensibly deleting data that was on legal hold.
Ethical thinking about prenatal testing, babies at the breast, Ashley X, and indeed, children, parents, medicine, and society in general will be improved if we simply scuttle the family romance and its attendant fantasies of unconditional welcome and best-interests principles, and begin instead to ask concrete questions--for example, about the amount of net harm to which parents can defensibly expose their children.
According to a recent report, "File analysis increases or improves operational efficiency through identification and classification of "important" and "unimportant" unstructured data, enabling organizations to optimize storage, migrate data to appropriate repositories and defensibly delete unneeded data.
Biggest e-discovery challenges Locating potentially responsive data 45% Controlling the amount of data sent for outside review 21% Tracking legal holds 17% Managing multiple e-discovery projects at once 17% Defensibly deleting data that was on legal hold 17% Other 14% Source: Exterro Note: Table made from bar graph.
We have the technical skills to safely migrate, archive, remediate or mine data as well as the legal industry expertise as an independent third party to assure information governance projects are conducted defensibly.
There are content-based retention solutions out there that can index and systematically move only relevant data to the most cost-effective storage and defensibly delete everything that is irrelevant to the business.
8220;Cumulus Data can now let AWS users identify, control and reduce the amount of potentially responsive information through an easy-to-use, web-accessible, collaborative platform, securely and defensibly.
That balance may be defensibly shifted toward tighter regulation in the context of developed economies where the link to economic growth is not as clear as in developing economies, and there is therefore an element of financial activity that is wasteful.
Lead by recognized experts in electronic discovery and document review, Iris continually strives to defensibly reduce the amount of reviewable data on every matter.
adds a layer of management complexity, especially when determining the most efficient and reliable way to ingest, protect, organise, access, preserve and defensibly delete all this vital information from the broad variety of sources.
From a classical perspective, one could argue that the author of an attempted but failed homicide was as morally blameworthy as the author of an actually consummated homicide; in the alternative, because the intended harm never came to pass, one could also defensibly maintain that the defendant was less at fault.
To answer these criticisms and defensibly distinguish the professions from other occupations that rely on university-based technical knowledge, proponents of professionalism must establish a necessary link between technical professional knowledge and a university-level education in the liberal arts.
To help ensure that users do not inadvertently exaggerate economic activity attributable to a byway, the tool employs a test that asks users to answer the following statement: "To what extent can I truthfully and defensibly assert that but for the existence of the byway and our organization's activities, this economic event would not have occurred?
In that sense it seems to be to be more defensibly Anglican.