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Synonyms for defensible

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended against armed attack

capable of being justified

Synonyms for defensible

capable of being defended


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The human basis of the ethical life will become clearer and more defensible.
The paper examined Nuix's defensible deletion solution and its capabilities to index, search and analyze all organizational data stores, including archives and retired applications.
Tenders are invited for provide legally defensible and nationally recognized accepted evidence-based medical criteria for clinical reviews and utilization management activities
Critical issues in Gifted Education: Defensible Programs for the Gifted.
They complement a compliance and ethics training program that needs to be both time-efficient and built on a defensible base in case of regulatory investigation.
For firefighters, defensible space is just that - in order to save a home that suddenly finds itself in the path of a raging, fast-moving blaze, firefighters need some space between the flames and the structure.
Boyum and Reuter conclude that "the case for imposing criminal sanctions for possession of small amounts of marijuana is weak"; that "domestic enforcement should be directed toward reducing drug-related problems, such as violence around drug markets, rather than locking up large numbers of low-level dealers"; that "eradication of drug crops in source countries" is "very unlikely to reduce America's drug problem"; and that "long sentences for minor, non-violent drug offenders are perhaps the least defensible aspect of current drug policy.
Using the Right Tool for a Legally Defensible Retention Schedule
To proclaim what you stand for is a perfectly defensible position and is one that the funding authorities would regard as a justification for a small college to continue to exist".
3) In a fiercely tribal society, with traditions of internecine warfare that lasted at least until ten years ago, defensible towns and houses were vital.
If employment has to be terminated, a properly documented case history provides an easily defensible action in court," Trendline says.
Through ethical analysis, physician executives can assist their physician colleagues and fellow administrators to find rationally defensible answers to questions regarding the distribution of limited resources.
In addition, performance evaluation gives employees feedback about their work and provides administrators with a credible, defensible instrument on which to base personnel decisions.
The City Of Santa Barbara Wildland Fire Plan Identifies Each Vegetation Management Unit As An Area Within The High Fire Hazard Area That Is Outside The Fire Department Defensible Space Requirements, But Has Existing Hazards And Risks That Increase The Potential For Loss Of Wildlife Habitat, Property Loss And Safe Fire Protection.
The goal: an automated process that is consistent, and defensible.