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Taken together, the following four critical features should drive directions in behavior assessment research to produce methods that have utility within a problem-solving model: defensibility (psychometric adequacy), feasibility (limited resource burden), efficiency (quick and easy), and repeatability (allows for creation of data streams) (Christ, Riley-Tillman, & Chafouleas, 2009) In summary, to meet evolving needs in school-based behavior assessment, there is a critical need to move the current generation of behavior assessment research toward development and evaluation of tools with utility in a problem-solving model.
Comprehensive Chain-of-Custody and Preservation Reports: eDiscovery Suite's enhanced reporting feature includes logging to track detailed information across the entire eDiscovery process for the greatest defensibility available.
EDEN: It is very important to recognize that scientific defensibility is only one component of legal defensibility.
As these analyses do not follow accepted criteria, the data lack defensibility, which can have severe ramifications if the situation becomes litigious.
Emphasis on this aspect tended to obscure the fact that the sprawling length and breadth of Japan's airspace is a major factor in the defensibility of the nation, and that the acquisition of the AWACS system brought Japan up to par in the task of being prepared to defend it.
As an example, we have created the following assessment approach used by our team consultants to assess a facility's risk exposure level and defensibility posture.
Whether it will convince is, of course, in all probability partly dependent on the reader's prior commitments regarding the defensibility of broadly pragmatist programs in semantics, truth, and so forth.
To help rectify this, Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC) has published a handbook, Medical Record Documentation for Patient Safety and Physician Defensibility.
Accordingly, those who must assess the defensibility of such suits should not assume that violations of policy render the case indefensible.
Certainly, the preclusion factor - the reasonable and prudent belief that, under the circumstances, deadly force is the only effective resort - is critical to your defensibility.
RenewData is a full-service eDiscovery provider that helps corporations and law firms achieve significant time and cost savings, attain a high level of defensibility and reliability, and easily manage multiple projects for legal, regulatory and investigative matters.
And taking it one step further into the area of data defensibility and utility governance, the integration and availability of GIS location data throughout the enterprise, including a utility s public portal, makes the GIS / Utility Business System integration proposition imperative for gas, water and electric regulatory compliance.
How to evaluate the legal defensibility of an organization's background checking approach
Exterro Fusion supports the end-to-end e-discovery cycle while simplifying control, visibility and defensibility.
Polaski also said, “Venger Wind's management team took precautionary steps to determine the strength and defensibility of our patent portfolio against several global competitors in the small turbine market.