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Synonyms for defenselessness

the property of being helpless in the face of attack

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This language resonates more among Anabaptists of the last fifty years than it would have in the sixteenth century, where defenselessness would have been more common.
One of the important elements required to prove the offense of rape was the victim's defenselessness.
Speaking to children and youngsters financed by the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee in a Ramadan breakfast (Iftar) on Sunday evening, Larijani said the situation of Palestinian children and youngsters who are suffering in the Zionist regime's prisons well indicate their innocence and defenselessness.
Next come the 15-letter defenselessness, in which the single vowel E occurs five times, and the 13-letter senselessness, with four E's.
Compulsory defenselessness doesn't make students safer, it makes them less safe," said Burnett.
With the realization of their utter defenselessness against the aggression from Europeans in Africa, the blacks felt it necessary to look to themselves.
The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has declared: "The State is under a duty to use all means available to fight the situation of impunity surrounding the instant case, as impunity fosters the chronic repetition of human rights violations and the total defenselessness of the victims and their next of kin .
Rabbi Loew's incantations brought to life the Golem of Prague's ghetto, a mythical image that reflects a mind conditioned by massive oppression and defenselessness, a need to believe that there could be a way to protect the innocent against the terror that encircled them in their ghetto.
The hardest thing for the patient is their feeling of dependence and defenselessness.
Joseph stresses his defenselessness when he invites them to come to me [elai].
In this example (a complex compounding that in fact elicits a plural verb form), (7) neither of the two adjectives alone (a "prone" dialect, a "speechless" dialect) really fits as a descriptive; nor is "speechless" subordinate to "prone;" but together they form a more complex idea of mute, eye-lash fluttering, eloquent female defenselessness that communicates in an effective way and will cause the Duke (or rather his deputy, Angelo) to save Isabella's brother from an overly harsh punishment.
The defenselessness one feels before the world's largest amasser of weapons, the horror of watching your fellow-oppressed in the neighboring Caribbean states pilot the Americans to your door and help them destroy you, are effectively conveyed in these poems.
However, this omits a central constitutive feature of torture, namely, that it is an attempt to break a defenseless person's will at whatever cost to their autonomy; contra Osiel, defenselessness does not entail powerlessness.
Otherwise, the individual suffers for his weaknesses, stupidity or defenselessness.
She said the fact she had to address the group through a recording was "the clearest evidence of the defenselessness of the Cuban people with respect to the state.