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Again and again he offered biblical texts that substantiated the Christian life as one lived defenselessly in meekness and suffering, a life for which Christ is the central example.
In few composers and still fewer great composers has the unity of the life and the music been more blatantly or more defenselessly obvious" he writes.
Although "Jewish communities from nearby towns correspond secretly about self-protection," they do nothing but huddle defenselessly in their houses like hunted animals, responding to the corpse of the first Jewish victim in the unfeeling manner of beasts:
He lay there in the confiding relaxation of a sleeping child, his hands unclenched and his head thrown back so that the bare throat showed defenselessly.
In destroying Beowulf, the monstrous succeeds in consigning the dead hero's own people, un like the Danes, defenselessly to their harrowing premonitions and their echoing lamentations.