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the defendant and his legal advisors collectively

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Amsterdam was retained by Mikhail Khodorkovsky in August, 2003 as part of the YUKOS/Group MENATEP defense team.
During the Saturday hearing, the defense team argued that the activities of the defendants were linked to resistance against Israeli occupation.
PHOTO Unabomber defense team members Quin Denvir, left, Gary Sowards and Judy Clarke walk to court Tuesday.
But several experienced trial lawyers pointed out that Kaczynski's defense team would be at a disadvantage using the reasonable doubt approach because jurors expect to hear some explanation from the defense.
Summary: MADINAH: Civil Defense teams here recovered the body of a 17-year old Saudi girl out of a well in Al-Ola, the spokesman of the Civil Defense Major Khaled Al-Johani told Arab News.
The court notified the defense team that none of them will be allowed to attend the next court session without receiving power of attorney from either of the defendants' parents.
The defense team denied that Asahara conspired with his disciples in the sarin attack, and said he was a sincere leader who tried to spread religious convictions.
who led the Simpson defense team, also saw a difference.
McGlinchey Stafford offers clients a premier national class action defense team.
Thanks to Simpson buddy Robert Kardashian, who winnowed Schiller into the pricey ``Dream Team's'' strategy sessions, Schiller's film's perspective comes wholly from the defense team.
The Digital Defense team is made up of recognized security experts who are focused on specific markets, enabling them to better understand client needs in an increasingly complex security threat environment.
CAIRO: Suspects in what is known as the Zeitoun cell case reportedly told their defense team that they were tortured while in the custody of State Security.
Each school prepares both a prosecution and defense team, then the schools go up against one another trying the case from one side, then the other.
Robins Air Force Base is the home of Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, the 78th Air Base Wing and more than 60 other units that make up a vital part of the Air Force defense team.
According to a statement released by the STL, Badreddine's defense team argues in its motion that "[t]he Security Council invoked a putative threat to international peace and security in the case of Resolution 1757, merely as a formal step to enable it to exercise its powers under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, when no such threat existed .
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