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the defendant and his legal advisors collectively

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The defense team made a second request July 29 to suspend the trial until Asahara's mental state improves and asked the high court to extend the deadline for the submission of the document on the appeal.
BEIRUT: Former MP Hasan Yaacoub was admitted to hospital Thursday, a day after a Lebanese judge rejected a request by his defense team to release him.
Ihab Ramzy, head of the defense team, told Daily News Egypt, "We will start taking the necessary procedures to file a lawsuit against the court.
The defense team members said they believe they have been successful in demonstrating the innocence of Asahara in court since May, but they will need another six months or so for preparation for the planned final arguments after the prosecutors make their closing arguments as early as next summer.
Largely, though, this is a defense team procedural, pure and simple, walking viewers through the strategy sessions in posh offices and posher restaurants, giving us an idea of the passion, cynicism and - maybe most of all - clamorous clashing of egos that fueled Cochran and company as they prepared Simpson's ever-amorphous defense.
BEIRUT: A Lebanese judge Wednesday rejected a request by the defense team of an ex-MP to release him, a judicial source told The Daily Star.
The defense team threatened to file a lawsuit against the court, if their request to "reject the court" was denied.
Summary: The defense team for Claude Saade, an owner of a building which collapsed in a Beirut neighborhood in 2012, said its client was a "victim" of the old rent laws, and shifted blame for the collapse on the government, instead.
The trial was convened under strict security measures and was marred by disputes amongst the defense team over which lawyer represented the defendant.
During a break, defense attorney Robert Schwartz told Katz in a terse whisper that the defense team had never initiated a news conference, a fact Katz later acknowledged in open session.
CAIRO: The defense team representing detainees in the Hezbollah cell case argued that the defendants were carrying out armed resistance in the spirit of former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel-Nasser.
That's something we could work on for next year,'' said Krishma Parsad, captain of La Reina's defense team.
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