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the lawyer representing the defendant

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In addition, he has been honored among Time Magazine's "Leaders in Criminal Defense," while Forbes recently included him in its review of the best criminal defense lawyers in Texas.
But Vincent Courcelle-Labrousse, the defense lawyer of Hussein Oneissi, another suspect linked to Hezbollah, implied the collection of such vast amounts of phone metadata violated the rights of Lebanese civilians.
The Michael Morton Act, which lawmakers approved this year in the wake of the namesake's case, requires prosecutors to disclose evidence in their files to defense lawyers in criminal cases.
The appeals sessions continued into its second day with the reading of a 400-page argument that was jointly prepared by 60 defense lawyers.
Gardner's continuous insistence that criminal defense lawyers be characterized in an ethical manner reflected his own deep-seated feelings about the legal profession and particularly criminal defense lawyers.
CUTLINE: Neil Entwistle and defense lawyer Stephanie Page, right, listen during his trial hearing at Middlesex County Superior Court June 6 in Woburn.
But when an enterprising journalist, through the Freedom of Information Act, got the clemency memos Bush's then legal counsel Alberto Gonzales actually put before him, they were extremely cursory and routinely rehashed prosecution arguments, leaving out issues of potential innocence raised by defense lawyers.
If you are going to settle the case, give the defense lawyer all the tools he or she needs to get the case settled.
Defense lawyer Iain Edwards said a witness who will testify next week in the trial and who was part of the convoy had said the radio in his vehicle was operational, which indicates that jammers in Hariri's motorcade meant to block remotely detonated bombs were not all working when the blast killed the former premier.
He was concerned that a defense lawyer, under the guise of trial preparation, might give information such as addresses, medical and mental health history or sexual history about a victim or witness to someone who would then intimidate, hurt or even kill that person to prevent their testimony.
is being recognized as the state's top criminal defense lawyer in Texas Lawyer newspaper's 2012 Go-To Guide.
Most recently, the Virginia State Bar issued Legal Ethics Opinion 1857 (2011), which opined that a criminal defense lawyer may not ethically advise a criminal defendant to accept a plea that includes waiving the right to make a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel as a personal conflict of interest of the lawyer.
Standing in the dock, Suleiman was particularly animated during Thursday's session, shouting out instructions in a loud whisper to one of his lawyers while another defense lawyer spoke.
NEW YORK - Former WorldCom chief Bernard Ebbers plans to take the witness stand in his own defense Monday at his federal accounting-fraud trial, a defense lawyer said Friday.
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