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a contractor concerned with the development and manufacture of systems of defense

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The order from an Israeli defense contractor has been collaborated with a U.
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Fixed-price contracts place greater risk on defense contractors to deliver a weapon system at a quoted cost.
Loomis, an analyst at Legg Mason, notes that although growth for federal IT firms will cool off in 2005, the big defense contractors still want technology companies that'll grow faster than the traditional metal benders.
More than 27,000 defense contractors owe about $3 billion in back taxes, including many who are longtime repeat violators, the General Accounting Office reported.
We think the real reason they are resisting is because they are a big defense contractor and they are used to the ["don't ask, don't tell"] military policy.
Defense contractors have deep pockets and generous donation habits.
The new law will phase in a single-factor (sales) apportionment formula for defense contractors and manufacturers, but not for wholesalers, retailers or service corporations.
Similar policies prevail a America's largest defense contractor, McDonnell Douglas, which reaped $8.
The independent blind survey of 100 IT/security managers or staff within defense contractor organizations that handle data for the US government was conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of ThreatTrack Security from November 2013 to January 2014.
On Monday, a cooperation agreement has been inked between a Turkish defense contractor and the country s state-run air carrier to mutually develop an indigenous electronic warfare system for military planes and helicopters.
Many defense contractor employees work side-by-side with federal employees in Department of Defense (DOD) facilities performing substantially the same tasks affecting billions in DOD spending.
BTA will use this event as a conduit to inform both DoD and the defense contractor community of its priorities and plans for changing how DoD does business.
WASHINGTON - Nearly every defense contractor that Southern California lawmakers boasted securing federal funding for over the past three years also made political contributions, according to a review by the Los Angeles Newspaper Group.
The Army fully expected the LSI to be one of the larger defense contractor corporations.
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