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the act of throwing someone or something out of a window

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Even an event as proverbial as the 1618 Defenestration of Prague, which supposedly triggered Europe's Thirty Years' War, needs to be rethought entirely when it is discovered that the defiant Bohemian rebels were mostly German Protestant barons and that the only Czechs in Prague Castle at the time were the two humiliated envoys from the Catholic Habsburg emperor.
It reminds me of the recent defenestration of Dominican Fr.
Not that those who opt for defenestration don't feel bad about it.
Falling For You featured a serial killer with a taste for defenestration, while Gramps told the story of "an outwardly charming but psychotic grandfather" who murders his daughter-in-law and tries to kill a number of children.
The last optimist in the world of broadcasting, Roy Thomson, was threatened with defenestration when, back in the fifties, he stated that ".
That a formal apparatus, a detective bureau, for solving murders hardly existed even in imperial Rome is demonstrated in the defenestration of Apronia by her husband, Plautius Silvanus, a praetor.
Key incidents include: changing the terms of reference governing analyst research; the defenestration of Dick Grasso's tenure over the NYSE (which is now being heard in state court in New York); and the battles for control between the former Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission, Harvey Pitt, and Spitzer.
The sheer speed of Spain's six-day defenestration as world champions is the first major story from this World Cup - a genuine shifting of the tectonic plates of the global game.
Thankfully, however, there's a twist: the murder you're trying to solve is your own following a dramatic defenestration in the first reel.
And he ruthlessly used the class issue to discombobulate Douglas Hurd, his grandee challenger for the leadership of the Tory party after Mrs Thatcher's defenestration.
If the householders in question are the parents of boisterous teenagers who want their own bedroom, then the politician's day will likely end in defenestration or decapitation.
First made public by Bruce Conner--who filmed the object's defenestration from DeFeo's Fillmore Street studio in 1965--The Rose has long afforded a romantic mythologizing of DeFeo's biography, to the extent that her other paintings, drawings, wire sculptures, photographs, jewelry, and collages are still virtually unknown.
The historic Defenestration of Prague took place in the adjoining Vladislav Hall in 1618, when three Catholics were thrown from a window by Protestants, marking the start of The Thirty Years War.
But more important will be the belief and will to win displayed by all of the side; otherwise the creak of the cursed window opening in January is likely to see one or two more fringe players facing defenestration.