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the act of throwing someone or something out of a window

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For example, the carrier state of hepatitis B (derived from being born of an infected mother) may become active hepatitis when defenestration occurs, so leading to T cells without tolerance.
My teachers would say 'I don't think defenestration (the act of throwing someone out of a window) is the right word here'," he recalls.
4) Though unwilling to demand either a complete paradigm change or a defenestration of the economics profession, the Economist suggested that the financial meltdown raised profound questions of coherence about two specific fields of economics: financial economics and macroeconomics.
L'histoire est celle d'un couple, de sa breve montee a sa chute magistrale, emblematisee par la defenestration de la femme sur laquelle nous reviendrons.
Instead of leaping out the window (as the libretto dictates), Raoul leapt between her legs, choosing la petite morte over possible death by defenestration.
early defenestration of the hapless Liberal leader and his replacement by an innovative enigma who has begun his own set of stumbles;
The most common example is drunk driving, but drinking may also lead to falls, fights, and even defenestration.
If Rojack's behavior appears to be frantic and bizarre, as it surely is, he nevertheless is initially in better control of his rational faculties than his Russian counterpart, as he is able to conceive and carry out Deborah's diversionary defenestration and subsequently tell his version of events to the police with conviction if not complete credibility.
Through the Looking Glass: Reflexivity, Reciprocality, and Defenestration in Hitchcock's Rear Window.
The proverbial defenestration of the baby with the bath water illustrates the problem.
Some folks have even whispered the D-word--depression (not defenestration, though I sometimes worry it will be raining stockbrokers on Wall Street ere long).
As the narrator informs us just before the girl's second death and defenestration, "the sage of the East, having taught the beauty the art of suffering, had not given her the art of enduring suffering.
Initially, the drums of Calanda appear to complement Modot's rage, their beat exacerbating his defenestration of classic phallic objects, a bishop, a giraffe, a plow, and a burning pine tree, and marking, as Hammond suggests, his "revolt against the deathly Symbolic Order" (L 'Age d'Or 51)--all very standard Surrealist stuff.
The "surprising defenestration of one of the nation's most imperious and highly paid chief executives" reported Gretchen Morgenson of the New York Times, "was a victory for shareholders hoping to force corporate directors to be more accountable on the increasingly incendiary issues of executive pay.
They looked forward to the virtual defenestration of presidential power after the elections of 1920.