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the act of throwing someone or something out of a window

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People here worry they would not be able to understand a race whose national pastimes include grinning and going to the bankruptcy court but try and get your head around an economic union that has not had its accounts signed off for 15 years and includes nationals who amuse themselves defenestrating farmyard animals.
No, it is simply dishonest to pretend that China had anything whatever to do with his ritual defenestrating in the media and Congress.
Add to this mix Manhattan's geoeconomic importance as a global financial and media center, political ambition, the capacity to engineer punitive damages and headlines by setting the price for legal settlement, and public receptiveness to a socially constructed narrative based on defenestrating executive excess because of prior hubris.
For fans of the singer, who carved a brief but glittering career in Europop before defenestrating to his death in Paris in 1975, docu is an immensely detailed nostalgia trip back to an age when popular music had melodies, and drugs and social rebellion had yet to become the norm.
That is because they don't know how to distinguish between what has popularly been regarded as "nonviolence" and the strategic nonviolent action that has hammered authoritarian regimes to the point of defenestrating dictators and liberating people from many forms of subjugation.