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throw through or out of the window

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Denton takes us back to young Joseph Smith, the son of an itinerant ginseng merchant and the great-great-grandson of a Salem witch-hunter, who dreamed a kind of Bollywood spectacular of lost tribes, golden plates, and sacred stones; who delivered out of his own head a 275,000-word manuscript about bloodshed, miracles, and a latter-day Zion; who ordained his own apostles in a fertility-worshiping mystery cult; and who had procured nearly fifty wives before he was defenestrated in 1844 by vigilantes in Carthage, Illinois.
The reading that used to provide a window on the world is now read--and I choose the term advisedly--as if the human figure has been defenestrated into oblivion by his submission to the preinscrib ed.
The cop looks glum, as well he might, since he's descended from the historical Pazzi who got defenestrated and eviscerated in a way certain to appeal to Hannibal Lecter.
Some prominent defenestrated Czechs include Jan Hus, President Masaryk, Pave1 the Houseproud, and once, the entire city commission.
By the way, when people "tell upper management the truth" they get defenestrated, as Glass apparently may not know.
They did make a detour through the Rue de Bethisy to be shown the elderly Coligny's stabbed, defenestrated, and desecrated corpse before crossing the Seine by the Pont aux Meuniers and the Pont St.
The same phenomenon occurred in Prague on 30 July 1419 when the New Town councillors were defenestrated in the presence of Priest Zelivsky and Jan Zizka.
One strategy, or "maneuver," is Denial, invented by Leon Trotsky to explain why the workers' revolution had defenestrated him, and much used ever since.
obviously sullied) got defenestrated for slugging another woman in a bar in Halifax.
This was because the number two man at the State Department, the nearly invisible deputy secretary of state (and Washington neophyte) Clifton Wharton, was defenestrated in November by an administration that apparently believed he had not been sufficiently activist.
He then defenestrated the previous chief speechwriter, Tony Snow.
But at the same time, anyone who has become too rounded or influential is apparently defenestrated.
Out in the real world, executives turning up for a big meeting ill-prepared, hoping to busk it, armed with a prepared question designed to conceal the fact that they have only had a cursory squiz at the papers, are quickly found out and defenestrated.
So whoever advised Sir Ian to butt in on a perfectly acceptable and affordable plan deserves to be publicly defenestrated from the Town House clock tower.
Regulator Ofcom will be defenestrated for daring to advocate curbing Murdoch's sky high sports prices.