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throw through or out of the window

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When the dot-coms start to defenestrate, and the phone doesn't ring as much as it used to, one's business survival may depend on the references and connections of those impossible deals that took months to complete.
Following her massive stroke, which the carnacchiai misinterpret as her desire to defenestrate herself, the Signora, greatly diminished, performs her own kind of pantomime for the street from her windowsill.
If she remains prime minister - if her famously regicidal party doesn't defenestrate her immediately - her majority will be neither strong nor stable, particularly because her party is riven by divisions over Brexit, too.
Her permanent fixed smile as the "Milliwar" raged around her was that of a harassed mum bravely trying to disguise the fact that hubby is having it off with the au pair, junior is preparing to defenestrate the cat and Aunt Mabel has just pinched a tea caddy from the Co-op but, really, everything in the garden is rosy.
That is, defenestrate the federal government and reduce its scale and powers to a level well below what it was before the New Deal's centralization.
There is talk that the Labour Party may seize this moment to defenestrate its leftist leader, Jeremy Corbyn.
It would, in my view, set an incredibly unfortunate precedent if MPs felt obliged to defenestrate him - but perhaps instead Mr Martin should now make clear he will be standing down ahead of the next election.
Nowyoumight bethinking that it's quite difficult tocasually slip defenestrate into everyday chit-chat, but I'vebeen havingago over the past fewdays and it's not sotough.