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throw through or out of the window

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Defeat for Chavez would defenestrate Latin America's leader of anti-US sentiment while potentially boosting oil companies' access to the world's largest crude reserves.
If I were her trainer, I'd be looking to maximise the potential for gain of both myself and my loyal owner, and if I were her owner, I'd be looking to defenestrate any greedy hack who approached my trainer with crazy notions of Guineas runs and idle promises of cheap champagne.
In truth, Israel too has never missed an opportunity -- to defenestrate the Palestinians, denude their lives, demonize their resistance, and denigrate their culture.
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When the dot-coms start to defenestrate, and the phone doesn't ring as much as it used to, one's business survival may depend on the references and connections of those impossible deals that took months to complete.
Following her massive stroke, which the carnacchiai misinterpret as her desire to defenestrate herself, the Signora, greatly diminished, performs her own kind of pantomime for the street from her windowsill.