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There you may defend the tower against all Kadabra.
36) Some might imagine that if an attorney general defends the federal
It's not only the defence that defends - it's also the strikers.
1 -- 2) Israel Vazquez, left, defends his WBC super bantamweight title against Rafael Marquez, right, on March 3 at Home Depot Center.
This is an astonishing statement, coming as it does, from a newspaper that purportedly defends free speech.
In Selling the Dream (Praeger), Hood defends the art of advertising from the self-hating sloganeers, telemarketers, and admen who help create it.
Trilling defends, for example, George Orwell's confrontation of political life, but dislikes Hemingway's later efforts to become what we would call politically correct, and he detests Theodore Dreiser's late conversion to Communism.
Switch the screen at the point where X1 now guards Wing 2 and X2 defends the original penetrator, 1 (Diag.
A lawyer is "sleazy,' then, when he defends wicked mobsters for the money but "ethical' when he does the same thing not just for money, but the principle too.
He represents and defends management clients in labor arbitrations, proceedings before the NLRB, injunction actions, and wage and hour investigations by federal and state departments of labor, as well as wage and hour individual and class actions.
I [have] had to debate with him in different media (including French CBC radio and television) on same-sex 'marriage,' abortion and The Da Vinci Code, which he defends.
The bottom line is that whoever Margo defends, whether it's DeLisha or Lisa, she is going to have to get out and defend the 3-point shot,'' Utah coach Candi Harvey said.
The StealthWatch System, which includes StealthWatch NC for native flow capture, StealthWatch Xe for NetFlow, StealthWatch Xe for sFlow and StealthWatch Management Console, is the leading network anomaly detection system (NADS) that defends internal networks against zero-day attacks, internal misuse, and unnecessary network exposures.
On the undercard, Ricardo Lopez defends his IBF junior flyweight title against Zolani Petelo, and Byron Mitchell defends his WBA super middleweight belt against Manny Siaca.
The digital economy relies on trust, privacy and posture that defends business assets against inevitable threats," according to Brian Cincera, GTP Solution Manager for Information Security.