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(sports) the team that is trying to prevent the other team from scoring

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Head of the defending team Mu'aiad al-Izi told Aswat al-Iraq that the court agreed that the trial should be special for government officials.
The defending team tries to prevent scoring by stick-checking and body positioning and traditionally the game as originally played could be quite violent.
If the defending team put players in a wall to obstruct a direct shot, then elsewhere on the pitch attackers will almost always outnumber defenders.
Mark Webber made it a strong day for the defending team champions with 1m 49.
The team in possession has up to six opportunities to work the ball down the field to score a try, whilst the defending team must retire 5m after each 'touch'.
The Holy Cross women and WPI men are defending team champions.
Catholic Insight asks for prayers for the defending team and the Court.
These three will be very hard to defend against because they can interchange positions and still have enough skill to beat any defending team in one on one situations.
Again, the motivation is a turnover instantly transforming the defending team into the offensive one against a disorganised rearguard.
Brad Butterworth, skipper of the Cup defending team Alinighi, said the legal saga with BMW Oracle, which continues in the courts to sort out an official challenger, has not dampened interest in the event.
But one adopted law still rankles: namely that the defending team can collapse a maul.
The ensuing attacks by the team in possession were accompanied by wildly gesticulating coaches and assistants on the touchline, protests from the defending team, who often simply stayed where they were, and a reaction from the crowd until such time as the referee stopped the game.
The defending team should push up to keep all of the opponents in their half.
Britain's defending team sprint champions had to settle for the silver medal this time behind France.
Usually when a crowd of players challenge the keeper like that it will be a free kick to the defending team.