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Synonyms for defendant

the accused


Synonyms for defendant

a person against whom an action is brought

Synonyms for defendant

a person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law

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The officer then returned to defendant's vehicle and told defendant to get out to receive a seat belt citation.
The defendants responded that both parties had been untimely in their discovery responses, and that the defendants produced the documents in good faith in order to ensure that all potentially relevant documents were produced.
SANTA CLARITA - The five defendants were seated in the courtroom when a jury of their peers filed into the jury box Thursday and took their seats in Division 3 of Newhall Superior Court.
While some, like the Christian Science Monitor, trumpeted, "To stand trial, defendants can be medicated by force," others, such as the New York Times, headlined their story "Court Limits Right To Drug Mentally Ill Defendants" with equal vigor.
Similarly, a defendant who files a counterclaim, or sues another health care provider as an additional defendant based on different acts of alleged negligence, also must file such a certificate.
Gramlich, (15) the defendant was arrested as he was off-loading 10,000 pounds of marijuana from two boats that, in turn, had been loaded from a Colombian freighter off the coast of Mississippi.
Defendant stated that the well established policy that a party may not seek equitable relief where that party has "unclean hands".
As the officers spoke with the defendant's mother at the front door, the defendant threw a briefcase out a second-story window.
The case arose on an Ohio interstate when the defendant was pulled over for a speeding violation.
By the time of the first hearing, when the defendant is formally charged, the prosecutor will have reviewed the police reports and the defendant's record and should be ready to argue the terms of release, said Justice Douglas Swager in the 3-0 ruling.
Simultaneously in the main courtroom, a second set of attorneys begins its case with another defendant.
I find as a fact that the defendant for whatever reason .
10) On the other hand, if a suspect asserts the right to an attorney, questioning must cease and may only be recommenced if the defendant reinitiates communication with the officer.