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Synonyms for defendant

the accused


Synonyms for defendant

a person against whom an action is brought

Synonyms for defendant

a person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law

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Defendant moved to quash the arrest and suppress evidence.
In this federal multi-district welding fume litigation case, a consolidated proceeding of more than 6,000 welding fume claims, the defendants filed motions to exclude scientific studies and expert testimony purporting to establish that exposure to welding flames causes certain neurological disorders.
Jurors in Thursday's vandalism case were instructed to consider the testimony of every defendant but to ultimately judge each boy individually.
Given the importance of witness credibility, it was a short step for the Supreme Court to take to decide that due process requires the government to disclose to a defendant information regarding witness credibility prior to trial.
But the thundering silence of the Court on the issue of a defendant's freedom of thought frustrated those who had urged the Court to hand down a decision protecting the mental autonomy of pretrial defendants.
The new rules should help end the all-too-common practice of plaintiffs suing defendants with peripheral involvement in a medical liability action merely because one defendant is in Philadelphia or some other "jackpot" county.
In the 1970s, however, defendant and others learned that oakum can deteriorate overtime, allowing water to access the pipe, which can result in a sinkhole.
Defendant further claimed that since the lease is silent as to the refund and since plaintiff surrendered the lease without reserving its right to the refund, plaintiff must be deemed to have waived its right to it.
Defense costs $200 for a misdemeanor, Kelber tells the women, and $400 for a felony-unless the defendant pays $50 within thirty days.
Today, a jury may learn of a defendant's past convictions under some limited circumstances: If the defendant himself testifies and the information is used to impeach his credibility, or if it is introduced for one of several other narrow purposes permitted by state law.
The inability of a defendant, such as one who has declared bankruptcy to pay its proportionate share of the judgment historically tell on the shoulders of the other defendants that still had insurance coverage.
A defendant challenged the use of an electric "stun belt" on him during his trial; his motion was denied by the district court.
Austin brought an antitrust action for damages, claiming, among other things, that the defendant neurosurgeons conspired to refuse to cover his patients, although Dr.
According to the defendant, he saw the victim unsnap a knife sheath on his belt, and seeing that, the defendant pulled out a handgun that was in a jacket pocket and shot the victim once in the chest,'' Deputy District Attorney Greg Denton said.