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Synonyms for defencelessness

the property of being helpless in the face of attack

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In his later work, Edward Schillebeeckx wrote of the defencelessness and vulnerability of God in the cross of Jesus.
Under her tight jeans and tough-talk she's a fragile little bird, the ultimate victim, a mixture of dignity and defencelessness.
There is a sense of defencelessness in the region, which has been exacerbated by the way the US carried out the Afghan campaign to oust the Taliban, despite some criticisms that it would suffer the same fate as the USSR in the 1980s and Britain in the late 19th and early 20th century.
work that places too heavy a burden on the child; work that endangers his safety, health or welfare, work that takes advantage of the defencelessness of the child, work that exploits the child as a cheap substitute for adult labour, work that uses the child's effort but does nothing for his development; [and] work that impedes the child's education or training and thus prejudices his future.
The little nations are grouped around their lord, the greater nations spoil for war and menace the little ones, a lord dies, defencelessness ensues, the enemy strikes, vengeance for the dead becomes an ethic for the living, blood-shed begets further blood-shed, the wheel turns, the generations tread and tread and tread.
these roses, only half awake, in the defencelessness of utter beauty.
However, the abrupt severing of the relationship leaves the speaker ruefully contemplating his painful defencelessness, necessitating a regrowth of his damaged sense of self.
Even the patriarchs who reign tyrannically at home--Reegan, Mahoney, and Moran--do so partly out of a bitter sense of their marginalization in the larger social sphere and of their defencelessness ;in the face of ineffable natural forces.
This man you call "uncle" has used your illegal status and defencelessness to manipulate you for his own advantage.
Asmussen spoke of "foolishness in Christ", while Moltmann has described how the defencelessness and vulnerability arising from the admission of guilt may show the way to a new freedom from alineation and "new comradeship with the victims -- readiness for reconciliation".
She has few defences and her pitiful defencelessness has its roots in her sad homelife.