defence system

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the weaponry available for the defense of a region

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Anti-tactical ballistic missile systems will increasingly become available to new operators, while established short-range air defence systems will become the focus of new interception technologies and will continue to stress mobility and survivability.
The Land-Based Air Defence Systems Report' examines the current land-based air defence market country by country, and identifies where the major industry players, including Lockheed Martin, MBDA, Raytheon and Thales, are investing.
Our evaluation of DK1 clearly demonstrated that the flow increases our engineering throughput, and allows us to make better use of our scarce hardware engineering resources," said Andy Davey, senior engineer at Cogent Defence Systems, "Using Celoxica's Handel-C to hardware flow, our software engineers can take a software solution through to hardware allowing the hardware designer to focus on system integration and optimization.
Cogent Defence Systems is a UK leader in defense & security telecommunications systems and is currently a division of a Nortel Networks' UK subsidiary.
We have a wealth of Performer experience, from the standpoint of existing content and knowledge of the application development environment," said Tony Landers, manager, New Business (Simulation) for Tenix Defence Systems, Systems Division.
Tenix Defence Systems is part of the Tenix Group, Australia's largest defence and technology contractor.
This initiative combines the experience of British Aerospace Defence Systems, which built the Skynet 4 ground management systems, with the expertise and legacy of Lockheed Martin in providing a family of communication satellites for the U.
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