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a program for defending a country against its enemies

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During the inauguration ceremony, Gusau stated that the existing National Defence Policy was announced in 2006.
The new defence policy released by Prime Minister John Key and Defence Minister Jonathon Coleman envisaged keeping open all military bases and spending $535 million in operational funding as earmarked in the budget.
SNP defence spokesman Angus Robertson said: "A dangerous and amateurish defence policy would be one that sent troops into an illegal war without proper equipment, while wasting tens of billions on nuclear weapons that can never be used - that's the UK.
Therefore, effective deterrence is the cornerstone of our defence policy.
Bearing in mind a previous WTO membership of Poland, it is possible to divide such stages of Polish security and defence policies as: 1955-1989 (restricted national defence policy within the WTO); 1990 (adopting by the Polish authorities the 1990 Defence Doctrine)-1991/1993 (the process of disengagement from the WTO; adopting the first independent defence doctrine; withdrawing the Soviet troops from Polish territory); 1994-1999 (reforms of military as well as security and defence policies before the accession to the NATO, so-called a pre-accession period, and the NATO's Partnership for Peace program membership); 2000-present (the NATO membership).
China on Friday insisted that its military development was "defensive in nature" and said Japan's adoption of a more proactive defence policy was "irresponsible," according to dpa.
Bird reveals in full detail for the first time crucial episodes in Australian international history, including the Australian response to Hitler's re-militarisation of the Rhineland in March 1936, the Australian intervention in the Sudetenland crisis on 28 September 1938, Lyons' role in developing defence policy and the clash between Lyons and the visiting author H.
All the major (and minor) secondary sources on British defence policy, strategy, economics, armaments, and warfare for each period are included.
The future of the European foreign, security and defence policy after enlargement.
Detailed proposals for the EU's own defence policy -capable of launching action independent of Nato -were unveiled as Tony Blair arrived in Brussels.
Richard Perle, the influential Pentagon adviser and a staunch advocate of the war on Iraq, steps down as Chairman of Defence Policy Board - a key advisory body to the Defence Department - amidst mounting criticism that his outside business dealings posed a conflict of interest.
Roy Rempel, an academic and former advisor to the Intergovernmental Affairs Secretariat of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, was a foreign and defence policy analyst on Parliament Hill for nearly four years.
This study looks at the changes that have occurred in the United Kingdom's defence policy since the end of World War II.
Not only are the terms defence policy and military policy at times used interchangeably, but also the terms national security policy and defence policy.
The SNP will predictably cry foul over Lord Robertson's criticism today of their defence policy.
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