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Removal of tonsils, which is part of the first defence mechanism, doesn't weaken the immune system, nor does it have any harmful effect on the body.
In the latest study, scientists developed a drug that reverses the natural defence mechanism by blocking an enzyme called PERK that signals the build-up of the abnormal proteins.
There are also significant differences noted in the degree of utilization of a mature form of defence mechanism among the addicts at the later phase of treatment.
2010) Psychopathology, defence mechanisms, and the psychosocial work environment.
Dinosaurs had evolved defence mechanisms to help heal their injuries, according to a new study.
Slowing the traffic ever so slightly enables the faster command and control messages to implement sophisticated network defence mechanisms.
This article will critically scrutinise this bureaucratic process and amplify the voices of those being controlled and will highlight first-hand accounts of how teachers employ defence mechanisms ("performativities and fabrications") in order to resist evaluation as a form of bureaucratic and ideological control.
But this documentary reveals that what is actually going in the womb is a biological battle as the baby tries to grab all the nutrients it can, while the mother's defence mechanisms ration what the baby can have so that the mother's own health isn't compromised.
We have also installed flood defence mechanisms at the most vulnerable properties.
The demo of the first module, nanomedicine, compels the player to select a suitable vehicle to deliver an anti cancer compound, and then navigate through the bloodstream to the site of the tumour, while avoiding the bodies' natural defence mechanisms.
The study sought to determine whether an LHRH agonist can enhance recovery of T cells, which are essential for immune defence mechanisms.
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