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remove the ovaries of (female mammals such as cats)

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by devoting so much time to defeminizing women, denouncing cosmetics, pretty clothes.
These results support the hypothesis that testosterone promotes development of male behavior by defeminizing as well as by masculinizing neural structures that control sexual behavior.
However, the promotion of the idea that the women men leave behind can only cope by defeminizing themselves and abandoning their traditional roles (and necessitating the introduction of foreigners in order to restabilize society), as supported by Eowyn's failure to fulfill the role of war bride-left-behind, is a very unsettling one to all but the most ardent feminists--unless one reads it as a subtle condemnation, on Tolkien's part, of war as a disturber of a valuable social equilibrium.
The term "to professionalize" social work is often a euphemism for masculinizing or defeminizing the profession.
Colpocleisis, an obliterative, defeminizing procedure, is only for older women who are definitely permanently sexually inactive.