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the state of being defective

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The trend of a change in the values of the controlled parameter during a continuous technological cycle is characteristic not only for the defectiveness of insulation.
2d at 455-56 (explaining that a plaintiff may satisfy the defectiveness of product design by establishing that the product proximately caused his injury--not that "[the] product is more dangerous than contemplated by the average consumer"--when he used the product in an intended or a reasonable manner).
As American products liability law has continued to develop, the risk-utility test has become the majority test for design defectiveness.
338) The consumer-expectations test was the initial defect test applied by courts; however, over time, many jurisdictions have abandoned this theory of design defectiveness.
My primary objection to the word "retarded" is its use to describe stupidity, frivolity or defectiveness - for example, referring to a friend who is displaying less than intelligent behavior as a "retard," or describing actions as "retarded.
385) But if "number of men" is a legitimate factor in judges' and juries' considerations of consent, then perhaps roughness or kink might be legitimate factors too, and juries could well end up terming non-normative sex nonconsensual, repeating the very one-over Denno exposes as too often governing inquiries of "mental defectiveness.
Also, we observed that the introduction of the functional category Voice, due to the defectiveness of , in the past tense not only explained the assignment of accusative Case but also provided the logic for the split-ergative nature of Pashto language; leading towards the conclusion that split- ergativity in Pashto is nothing but the close and intimate relation between passive voice and past tense, a relation already reported for other Indo-Iranian languages.
5) The logic underlying this analysis differs from a manufacturing defect claim, in which the product's deviation from the manufacturer's specifications provides a built-in standard of defectiveness.
The work on the limit of the durability using causes increased defectiveness and intensive wear of wheels and rails [1].
Today, amid the 2008 financial crisis, the continuing recession that has hit business profits and proven the defectiveness of short-run share prices as a reliable indicator for long-run business sustainability, along with the worldwide uprisings and the revolution of social media and its impact in raising people's awareness, the idea that companies don't have any independent ethical responsibility for the consequences of their businesses on the community is no longer valid.
Methodologically, the court confined the analysis to the device itself, shifting away from the American idea suggesting that product comparison and safer alternatives be at the heart of asserting defectiveness.
Some of the EMSs included in this domain are abuse/mistrust, emotional deprivation, and defectiveness.
Generally, both amylose content and chain-length distribution of amylopectin chains in starches exerts significant influence on the defectiveness of the crystalline lamellae through an alteration of their structural organization [3-4].
All of this conforms to Foucault's characterization of the logic of neoliberal response to economic crisis in general: "Nothing proves that the market economy is intrinsically defective since everything attributed to it as a defect and as the effect of its defectiveness should really be attributed to the state" (2008, page 116).
Their technical state was determined according to quantitative indices-scale of defectiveness and calculated averages of defectiveness points for each investigated dam.