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Synonyms for defecator

a person who defecates

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In Nigeria, numbers of open defecators increased from 23 million in 1990 to 39 million in 2012.
As part of their strategy to create community demand for safe sanitation and bring about behavioural change, the women of Khanpur Koliya decided to arouse a sense of shame among open defecators.
The lineup includes Black Mamba, the Golden Gods, Burt Reynolds Overdrive and Rock Scarlet today; Live '80s music with M80 and '80s night hits with DJs Chris, Jenn and John on Saturday; the Halloween edition of the Broadway Revue on Sunday; and Blasphemous Abnormality, the Anxieties, the Defecators and Wetstock on Monday (10 p.
On Saturday, the hall hosts the second coming of `Blood- stains Across Eugene,' a punk rock showcase featuring performances by Blasphemous Abnormality, Pocketface, Capgun Suicide, the Real Bastard Saints, Monkee Torture, Big Bubba and the Defecators.