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a person who defecates

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Faecal pellet group sampling has been used successfully by many researchers to gather information on the population size and biomass, the sex structure, habitat use of a species, diet composition and selectivity to predict the weight of the individual defecator, and to identify individual animals using DNA techniques for capture-mark-recapture studies (Putman 1984, Loft & Kie 1988, Edge & Marcum 1989, Hettinga 2010, Wam & Hjeljord 2010).
The flimsy narrative is structured around a quest to reunite the hapless defecator with his erstwhile prom date, now the titular Miss March - the latest Playboy Bunny.
In Nigeria, numbers of open defecators increased from 23 million in 1990 to 39 million in 2012.
In spite of having the highest number of open defecators in the world, it is regrettable that India does not feature among the countries making great strides in reducing open defecation.
India accounts for 58% of the world's population of open defecators.