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Synonyms for defecate

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The Ministry recently wrote to all states through which the Ganga flows that people were defecating on the banks and polluting the river, which is a key source of drinking water too.
Perry said he does not know who is defecating and urinating on the Park Blocks.
In the case of large seeds, "plants need a large animal capable of eating, transporting and defecating the seeds in good conditions," as outlined to SINC by Luis SantamarIa, co-author and researcher at the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA) of Spain's CSIC Scientific Research Agency.
Under the terms of the CRASBO, Japajapa is banned from "urinating or defecating in any public place in England and Wales, other than in a urinal or toilet," and "being under the influence of alcohol whilst behaving in a manner which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household.
Joel got an additional two months after pleading guilty to a charge of causing damage by defecating in a police van.
Sarah Duff was yesterday given a 12-month community order for the assault at University Hospital of Wales, in Cardiff and criminal damage of a police van - she had been caught defecating in the vehicle.
RESIDENTS are calling for a council to intervene to move a travellers camp from private land after witnessing people on the site defecating and urinating in public.
Open all hours of the day and night, drunkards causing all sorts of anti-social problems including violence, vandalism, fornicating, urinating, defecating and being sick, not to mention the noise for the residents trying to sleep.
He defecated on alternate days and felt very anxious after defecating.
A bus driver was sacked after a passenger claimed to have seen him defecating near his vehicle outside a supermarket, an employment tribunal heard yesterday.
A COVENTRY bus driver who was sacked after a passenger said she saw him defecating near his vehicle outside a supermarket is claiming unfair dismissal.
I can't tell you how many people have complained to me about cats defecating in their yards, flower beds .
Asked what sort of behaviour he thought might spur a recovery of the concept of community standards and perhaps even a reversal of this decision by the Court, libertarian Osgoode Hall Law School professor, Alan Young, opined to the Globe & Mail, "Something even more fringe, people defecating on one another.
Guisborough Magistrates yesterday heard that Neil Cutter, 33, of Chapel Street, Marske, had earlier admitted outraging public decency by defecating on the playground at the recreation ground next to The Crescent in the town.
For 1 year, the researchers made regular visits to each home, resupplying soap as needed and encouraging family members to wash their hands after defecating and before feeding infants or otherwise handling food.