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Synonyms for defecate



Synonyms for defecate

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A teacher's job is to teach the students, not to click photographs of people defecating in the open.
For instance, fines up to P1,000 and hours-long community service are meted out to residents in Kamasi who are caught defecating anywhere.
Residents of villages along the Ganga River are found defecating at the riverside, including areas close to town and municipal limits.
He was evicted from the shelter and moved to the councilrun Resettlement Centre in the city, before again being thrown out for his behaviour "which included urinating and defecating both in the properties and outside".
One resident, who did not want to be named, has taken photographs of men defecating in daylight and in full view of the homes, which she has passed to the council and Clwyd West Tory AM Darren Millar.
A bus driver was sacked after a passenger claimed to have seen him defecating near his vehicle outside a supermarket, an employment tribunal heard yesterday.
A COVENTRY bus driver who was sacked after a passenger said she saw him defecating near his vehicle outside a supermarket is claiming unfair dismissal.
I can't tell you how many people have complained to me about cats defecating in their yards, flower beds .
Common signs of megacolon include passing smaller than normal stools or defecating less frequently, straining to defecate or the inability to defecate.
Asked what sort of behaviour he thought might spur a recovery of the concept of community standards and perhaps even a reversal of this decision by the Court, libertarian Osgoode Hall Law School professor, Alan Young, opined to the Globe & Mail, "Something even more fringe, people defecating on one another.
Guisborough Magistrates yesterday heard that Neil Cutter, 33, of Chapel Street, Marske, had earlier admitted outraging public decency by defecating on the playground at the recreation ground next to The Crescent in the town.
For 1 year, the researchers made regular visits to each home, resupplying soap as needed and encouraging family members to wash their hands after defecating and before feeding infants or otherwise handling food.
Jubal Brown's Self Defecating Theatre of Cruelty was put together by a group of filmmakers and artists who were instructed to think of something that disturbed them severely, and then commit it to film.
Insects such as the lesser grain borer, the red flour beetle, and the rusty grain beetle not only devour vast amounts of stored grain, but add insult to injury by defecating on the kernels, triggering the growth of fungi and molds such as Fusarium and Aspergillus.
This, allied to a big rise in rowdy drinking has resulted in yobs defecating in the streets and a massive health and hygiene problem more at home in the Middle Ages.