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Synonyms for defecate



Synonyms for defecate

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In an impact statement the owner said the episode had affected her health and worst was that Piper had defecated against walls, the stairs, bedding and carpets.
We took him to the hospital where he received medication and defecated all the remaining capsules.
Over the course of the trial, the proportion of patients who defecated three or more times per week was significantly higher with methylnal trexone (68%) than with placebo (45%).
I'm involved only as far as raising awareness and trying to get young people to vote, so the Bush/Cheney ticket is defecated in '04.
coli-shedding animal defecated in sawdust on the building's floor.
During the Easter holiday around 100 windows were destroyed, children's work was trashed, computers smashed and as a final insult the intruders defecated and urinated in the classrooms.
The detainee alleged that the officer refused to allow him to use a toilet and then refused to let him clean himself up for five hours after he defecated in his pants.
At least a few hours later, one of the attackers must have defecated in the victims' fireplace, he contends.
Parks and library officials contend the homeless have harassed employees and park visitors, urinated and defecated on city property, and used restrooms for bathing.
POLICE are hunting for a woman who defecated on a train platform.
Among other outcomes, the results show that tapirs defecated 8 percent of the tamarind seeds ingested (none of which germinated) compared to elephants, who defecated 75 percent of the 2,390 ingested seeds (65 percent of which germinated).
Terry Tehnet, 52, went next door to complain to Jerry Blasingame, 60, as his dog had defecated on his lawn.