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Synonyms for defecate



Synonyms for defecate

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Every Monday nearly one million children took the pledge not to defecate in the open.
At the meeting, a joint report by the World Health Organisation and the Unicef was also cited which said a whopping 597 million people in India defecate in the open.
Training a dog not to defecate in public is the only long term answer.
He told the story of Thomas Thistlewood, a former overseer at a plantation who described in diaries how he dealt with wayward slaves by, in one case, having another slave defecate in the mouth of the miscreant.
One 48-year-old prisoner complained he was forced to defecate in a plastic bag in his cell.
For example, a cow which defecates in the middle of the road, (we) cannot take legal action against it because it has no brain and cannot think," said Nik Aziz who is the spiritual leader of the country's Pan-Islamic Party (PAS).
Pargat Singh said he had been left distraught and humiliated by a claim by one of his passengers that he had crouched down on a grass verge outside a supermarket, apparently preparing to defecate.
Most responders were able to defecate within 1 hour of the injection, and half were able to do so within 30 minutes--a significantly more predictable onset of action than is typically seen with standard laxative treatments, the investigators noted.
Rats will eat virtually anything, defecate anywhere, reproduce six times a year and have litters of up to seven.
They roam wherever they want, go into people's yards and even homes, kill birds and defecate wherever they please, including the back patio.
Elderly men of 61 do not usually urinate and defecate in public, nor do they become so drunk that they lash out either physically or verbally at anyone that attempts to help them, or for that matter, just passes them by.
He is not allowed to beg, urinate or defecate in public or use abusive behaviour.
At other times he was left to defecate while on the board.
With each passing day, the guards stepped up their surveillance, harassment, and intimidation, restricting prisoners to solitary confinement, forcing them to urinate and defecate in buckets, and, responding to a rumor of an escape plot, chaining the prisoners together and putting bags over their heads.
One reason is that raccoons adapt readily to human habitation and therefore tend to defecate in close proximity to homes (11), potentially putting large numbers of infective eggs in the immediate environment of children and others playing or working in yards, parks, playgrounds, and other similar environments.