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acceptance of the inevitability of defeat

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The title of the novel al-Washm is an allusion to Karim's defeatism.
There is no defeatism at the club and anything less than support is counter productive.
Although she mentions the importance of nationalism in the conclusion, it is almost as an afterthought, and she underplays its critical role in understanding the motivations of the original Fascisri, or more important, in understanding the collusion of the military and police and their dislike of the Socialists who represented both internationalism and defeatism.
Reading these two books together has the odd effect of making both more compelling in their claim that a gratuitous racial defeatism has spread among blacks not least because it has been indulged by so much white hand-wringing and so little commitment to shared, high standards.
I'm still trying to work out all the defeatism, since England were drawn in the same World Cup group as a country who this season have played 7, drawn 4, won 2 and lost 1.
Mr Scott is right to condemn a poisonous degrading culture that has no place in 21st century Britain, but his view that the Valley communities are dead and that Jeff Cuthbert is no more than a do-gooder is the language of defeatism.
By any name, it is a radical shift from the defeatism and denial that marked President Bush's eight years in office.
Barcelona president Joan Laporta added: "We are going to fight this defeatism that some people seem to want to instil in the club.
Our work ethic and enthusiasm and energy has been very good and I don't see any sign of defeatism or lack of belief.
Counting heads would only serve to underline their numerical weakness and lead to despondency and defeatism.
Defeatism is such an ugly trait, especially in these exciting times.
Such defeatism as changing names simply because hunting can no longer be pursued legally is unacceptable.
But the bottom line is that a heavy dose of information about the collectivist conspiracy ravaging our nation, absent any antidote to counter that advancing cancer, will likely lead to frustration and defeatism.
Corus are only good at retrenchment, decline and defeatism - don't fall into their trap.
There needs to be a complete overhaul here because the defeatism and negativity of the place is alarming.