default judgment

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a judgment entered in favor of the plaintiff when the defendant defaults (fails to appear in court)

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Proof of service notices required for family court matters were sent to the Los Angeles County Superior Court via a county messenger 30 days prior to the default judgment, Doss said.
On July 1, Liberty Bank received another default judgment against Lewis and his Merchant Capital Finance Inc.
Centennial has another motion for default judgment pending in Lonoke Circuit Court.
Because Rostami failed to responded to the suit, Orange Coast was eventually granted a default judgment against Polo.
Furthermore, the March 13, 2001 Default Judgment ordered that any and all interest(s) that David L.
The hotel didn't bother to answer the complaint and the default judgment was entered into the court records on Jan.
5 BILLION IN PARRETTI FRAUD: A final default judgment of nearly $1.
The injunction prohibits LScan from using any technology or application that employs any NeoMedia patent, and follows a default judgment won by NeoMedia against LScan last year.
Meyer Excavators received a default judgment against Coleman for $4,262 in July.
PHBT is seeking a partial summary judgment finding based on collateral estoppel that a civil theft default judgment owed to it by the Debtor Mazziotti is nondischargeable under 11 U.
Quality Foods recently received a default judgment against the Downtown Deli Inc.
Hawatmeh also reported that CirTran-Asia has been awarded a default judgment in its suit against Mindstorm Technologies LLC of Boynton Beach, Florida, for goods provided for $300,000.
While Mystery Properties had been hit with a default judgment in August, it asked the court for a hearing to show why the default judgment shouldn't be entered.
Late last year, NeoMedia won a default judgment against LScan in the only other case which has ended.