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Ignatieff's move is apparently regarded as an ingenious move that cunningly defangs the recent resurgence in sovereigntist sentiment exemplified by Gilles Duceppe's endearingly eccentric decision to raise the issue of Canada adopting the U.
Liturgizing" parts of the Scriptures, especially the prophetic sections, not only enshrines these potent passages; it also domesticates and defangs them of their power.
While commercial society defangs fame and weakens the ethic of martial virtue, it provides new ways of experiencing violent images.
First, drawing on Rene Girard's understanding of mimetic desire and violence, he asks whether the Holy Spirit can be understood as the power that unmasks and defangs our tendency toward mimetic desire (and therefore toward destructive violence against the other) and leads those who listen to her to instead enter into relationship with and take responsibility for the welfare of the other (which, implicitly at least, includes nature).