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Areas highlighted by the council include restriction on exhibiting and trading dogs and cats and also non-curative surgical interventions--such as ear cropping or defanging.
I don't think he (Cohen) is defanging racism; on the contrary, he's documenting bigoted attitudes that still exist.
Given the sing-song rhythms and lush theatricality of Poe's poem, this act of selective isolation seems more homage than defanging and reflects Brooks's interest in the indeterminacy of communication.
For the record, here are some of the statements from the administration justifying its war against Iraq under the doctrine of preemptively defanging a threat to American security.
This defanging of the IOM as a regulatory tiger resulted from several realities and trends, in addition to a changed political climate in Washington.
Since the defanging of the Health Protection Branch in 1996, the government no longer tests drugs before approving them.
The first article reported on Ottawa's defanging of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, including its provisions for "virtual elimination" of the most serious toxics.
If Livingston wins the race for Speaker, it would be a reward for defanging the ethics process and for remaining loyal to Newt Gingrich, whom he defended last year when Republican dissidents were plotting to oust the Speaker.