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Areas highlighted by the council include restriction on exhibiting and trading dogs and cats and also non-curative surgical interventions--such as ear cropping or defanging.
So defanging Iran is now Washington's central goal and ending the conflict over Israel, Indyk and others argue, would greatly aid it in that pursuit.
Given the sing-song rhythms and lush theatricality of Poe's poem, this act of selective isolation seems more homage than defanging and reflects Brooks's interest in the indeterminacy of communication.
Clarke said that many countries of the world flatly ban docking of tails, cropping of ears, devocalization, declawing and defanging, practices that are "alarmingly" prevalent in North America.
This defanging of the IOM as a regulatory tiger resulted from several realities and trends, in addition to a changed political climate in Washington.
If Livingston wins the race for Speaker, it would be a reward for defanging the ethics process and for remaining loyal to Newt Gingrich, whom he defended last year when Republican dissidents were plotting to oust the Speaker.
This policy requires the "dual containment" of Iraq and Iran, with a continued defanging of Iraq and a persistent treatment of Iran as a "rogue" state to be isolated and neutralized - recent election results not withstanding.
After many years of newspapers deliberately defanging their editorial pages for fear of offending somebody, it has come to the attention of the industry's heavy thinkers that today's newspapers don't say much of anything.
So the first solution to fixing what's wrong with juries is defanging the consultant by abolishing the peremptory strike.