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of doom, defanged its deadly petals, smashed the spinning, hungry hub of
The American interest is to endorse and solidify this emerging axis of moderate pro-American partners (Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states, and the Palestinian Authority) intent on seeing Islamist radicalism blunted and ultimately defanged.
Prime Minister Recip Tayyab Erdogan, whose AK Party won three general elections, restructured the economy, spawned a new elite of Anatolian entrepreneurs (the Kaysari, Trabazon and Sivas pashas), defanged the Bonapartist (Kemalist) generals of the military high command, attracted more FDI in a decade than in the entire 90-year history of the Turkish Republic, has lost his aura of invincibility with a vengeance.
Baru has written in his book that Singh was defanged by the Congress in his second term that began in 2009, with Sonia Gandhi deciding on key appointments to
Defanged, with glazed eyes and creaking joints, these superannuated party animals try vainly to stir up some enthusiasm during a return visit to Las Vegas, the site of the first Hangover movie.
But fangs can sometimes grow back and many snake charmers have died from supposedly defanged snakes.
The Vampire Defanged, How the Embodiment of Evil Became a Romantic Hero.
Defanged, Domesticated & Quiant Be a Careerist Not an Artist
Next, they performed gene therapy on the lungs, using a defanged adenovirus to deliver a gene that is the blueprint for IL-10 into the lung tissue.
A former co-star of the actress has revealed she once had a tarantula defanged after refusing to film a scene with it.
The army - once the originator of coup upon coup - was effectively defanged by his immediate predecessor Olusegun Obasanjo.
The same Legislature that has financially defanged the ethics watchdog would need to approve some new means of funding it.
I suspected that with DeLay at least temporarily DeFanged (or, since he's "known as "The Hammer," perhaps I should say DeClawed), there could be some movement on issues that have been effectively stalled because of the powerful leader's opposition.
Each bucket hid a muzzled and defanged rattlesnake - participants in a three-step process developed by veteran dog trainer Patrick Callaghan to instill fear of these poisonous reptiles into inquisitive canines.
I think Norman Mineta is an incompetent horse's ass; he should be fired and the TSA monster defanged.