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Susannah Clements's The Vampire Defanged is promisingly billed as a study of the vampire figure in popular culture, with the back cover stating that her work will help readers "make Christian sense of this particular obsession.
Next, they performed gene therapy on the lungs, using a defanged adenovirus to deliver a gene that is the blueprint for IL-10 into the lung tissue.
The anniversary shows only saw this legacy through a filter of nostalgia, which ultimately defanged the beast.
But in the process, the deconstructivist idiom, once so radical, has been thoroughly defanged.
Taft-Hartley not only amended or rescinded many of the bedrock components of the 1935 National Labor Relations Act (commonly known as the Wagner Act), it more or less defanged the labor movement.
However, it's not the defanged and neutered Iraq of Saddam Hussein.
A former co-star of the actress has revealed she once had a tarantula defanged after refusing to film a scene with it.
If the very act of presenting his art as he wished means the museum has been defanged, which in turn has something of the same effect on his work, then that illustrates another of the many paradoxes that were vital to his practice.
2, although it would be a defanged version of the Tigers in the BCS title game.
The same Legislature that has financially defanged the ethics watchdog would need to approve some new means of funding it.
Three centuries of immoral and irrational slavery, genocide, sexism, totalitarian regimes, and corrupt governments that still make war on science or exploit popular religion hardly constitute evidence that pernicious "religion" has been defanged or that "reason" has ever been ascendant in modernity.
I think Norman Mineta is an incompetent horse's ass; he should be fired and the TSA monster defanged.
They said the law's Article 65, which was enacted following loose bank management that helped trigger a financial crisis before World War II, would be defanged by the amendment.
We effectively appear to have defanged the worm," Sundwall said.
In this way, the objection that Strawsonian moral responsibility is no more than an useful fiction is defanged.