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He said FATA Olympic Association is a key unit of the Pakistan Olympic Association so how can one declare it as defang or ineffectual body.
MOSCOW: Sternly warning the West it cannot defang the metaphorical Russian bear, a confident-looking President Vladimir Putin promised Thursday to shore up the plummeting ruble and revive the economy within two years.
Until then, I had never placed much stock in reviews and now I found myself unable to defang one of them.
The Iraqi National Dialogue, one of two Sunni political blocs whose blessing for the pact is seen as key to achieving a broad consensus, said it had demanded reforms that would defang efforts to find and try members of Saddam's former Baath party.
Even as Big Business cringes under the spotlight for its myriad abuses, the Chamber of Commerce and allies are aiming to defang the most effective enforcement tools of the day.
It may be that the best way to defang Hamas and empower the Palestinian middle is to put the peace process back on track.
They are trying to defang PAS by addressing abortion's extraordinarily negative aftershocks in a semi-serious but ultimately dismissive, even trivializing manner.
It would have been difficult to conceive that a party leader based in Calgary could defang the Bloc Quebecois in a way that old Quebec warhorses like Jean Chretien and Paul Martin could not.
It sounds to me like a savvy local official who wants to escape accountability, signing onto this national movement to defang this law," says Robert Maranto, assistant professor of political science and public administration at Villanova University in suburban Philadelphia.
e-mailed "close supporters" with the message, "We must defang the trial lawyers.
Baughman calls the "psycho-pharmacology cartel" would support immediate federal action to defang that cartel, Americans must remember that the feds created that cartel.
The four suspects are Yang Defang, 38, his Japanese wife Keiko Sonoda, 36, in Tokyo's Adachi Ward, and Yang's 34-year-old brother and 32-year-old sister living in Ueda, Nagano Prefecture.
Because some providers attempted to defang surveys' impact on civil lawsuits, inadvertently arousing the viper that's biting them.
She shrewdly hypothesizes, and this is a major theme in her book, that what enabled the Jordanian regime to contain and defang the Brotherhood was the weakening of institutional Islam in the West Bank.
It's practically a survival issue that he or she get rid of you or at minimum defang you.