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23; "Jewish Defamers of Jews," B'nai Brith Magazine (January, 1932): 99; "Notes on Jews, Rose Caylor Hecht (hereafter, RCH)," BHNL.
Thus, a company who was hoping to minimize any additional damage to itself ended up losing out on an opportunity to learn the identity of its alleged defamers.
To accommodate the abundant production of Hazony's gallery of post-Zionist/post-Jewish defamers of Israel (both the people and the Land) would require a department store twice the size of Macy's or Harrod's.
and America On-Line as one of the "anonymous" defamers who made false and derogatory statements about Dimitri Papadakos on the Yahoo
Under the proposed bill, defamers of His Majesty could be sentenced from one to seven years in prison.
96) Defamers may be subject to heavy fines or imprisonment for violating Internet regulations.
Hani Al-Ghamdi, psychologist, described online defamers as weak and sick and that is why they use the monitor and the keyboard to do or say what their "tongues" cannot.
Papadakos, the former Chief Executive Officer of Gyrodyne (Nasdaq: GYRO), filed a $20 million lawsuit in New York State Court against various "anonymous" defamers who made false and derogatory statements about Papadakos on the Yahoo