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Mr Justice Daniel Herbert rejected claims he had been defamed and also there had been a conspiracy against him by Mr Murphy's vindictiveness towards him.
Summary: Joseph Stalin's grandson has taken a newspaper to court, claiming it defamed the Soviet dictator.
That decision did away with all the Harricks' claims except one -- that the younger Harrick was defamed by the NCAA.
THE jury was due to retire today to consider whether Gary Lineker defamed Harry Kewell over his move to Liverpool FC.
Jesus makes this point clear when he contrasts those who risk being hated, rejected, excluded, and defamed for Jesus' sake with those who risk nothing for the sake of the gospel.
The person at the center of the controversy, parishioner Jane Kliebenstein, said she was defamed by the letter because it falsely attacked her "integrity and moral character.
Immediately thereafter, the agents were taken off the streets, defamed in the press as corrupt and abusive, and threatened with civil lawsuits.
Al Sharpton recently filed a $1 billion lawsuit against HBO claiming that the AOL Time Warner subsidiary defamed him by showing a portion of a 1983 FBI surveillance tape on which he and an undercover FBI agent appear to be discussing a drug deal.
She alleged that the remarks by Hughes and Heflin's written statement to management defamed her.
September 11 victimized and defamed humanity and all Americans, including Muslims, just as MS affects all people regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, and religion.
My concern is that not only individuals but institutions and their reputations are going to be defamed by this Web site, which I think is very unfortunate," he said.
A Russian woman convicted of murder but contesting the ruling in a higher court has filed a libel suit against a Tokyo-based magazine publisher over a story published in April 1999 that she says defamed her.
Wishart says the law firm was defamed through false statements on Oct.
Included in the countersuit was ACORN's claim that RDD defamed them.
A former warden of a county prison brought an action claiming that certain county defendants violated his civil rights and that all defendants defamed him in violation of Pennsylvania state law.