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appropriate (as property entrusted to one's care) fraudulently to one's own use

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Institutional reputation, alumni relations, endowment growth, employee productivity, and even enrollment, can all be negatively affected by a major defalcation.
While we often do not know the reason for an attorney's dishonesty, regardless of the reason, defalcations by attorneys profoundly damage the public trust in members of the Bar and the legal system.
It covers a multitude of sins and crimes, including such things as defalcations, bribes, embezzlements and such.
WHILE our attention is presently focussed on the scandal of MPs' financial defalcations, let us not forget their other sins.
W]hile arguably the immediate cause of the damage was indeed 'floodwaters,' the causation for such floodwaters' force and breadth [is] alleged to have been the defalcations of the government with respect to the MRGO," Duval wrote in his opinion.
These trends have also inflated the nominal sanctions associated with corporate governance defalcations, by applying criminal sanctions to behavior that traditionally would have brought only exposure to civil suits.
Focus on the results of management's investigation and follow-up procedures related to fraudulent acts, defalcations and accounting irregularities.
Not coincidentally, insurance companies providing crime coverage for a corporation or partnership are willing to take on the risk of defalcations by employees.
Also, internal defalcations are often the responsibility of the internal audit section, and commercial loan fraud is the concern of the commercial loan department.
Stewart also made significant progress in achieving a lower volume of defalcations in 2010 and 2011, a significant source of claims in recent years.
Dans les milieux de l'enseignement, on ne parle ces derniers temps que de l'operation des defalcations de salaires, suite aux greves observees par nombre de professeurs, durant ces derniers temps.
While, this is not a guarantee that no defalcations will occur, Title underwriters have documented processes and procedures in place to prevent and mitigate the impact from such events.
The committee continues to study ways to prevent lawyer defalcations and therefore claims on the fund, but for the moment that won't include random audits of trust funds --something done in a handful of other states.
As shown in exhibit 1, page 61, nonpublic audit claims arose primarily from technical standards violations, failure to detect defalcations or failure to include appropriate disclosures on the face of the financial statements or in the footnotes.