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Synonyms for defalcation

the sum of money that is misappropriated

the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to your care but actually owned by someone else

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Uwimana (In re Uwimana), (331) the Fourth Circuit held that defalcation includes a negligent or innocent act that results in misappropriation.
An equally unfortunate but common assumption is that CPLs cover all acts of fraud, theft and defalcation.
It was exposed by one of the TV channels how Law Minister Salman Khurshid and his wife are involved in defalcation of funds meant for handicapped people.
Then she called me to say thanks for having identified the guilty agency's defalcation.
Institutional reputation, alumni relations, endowment growth, employee productivity, and even enrollment, can all be negatively affected by a major defalcation.
There are other unanswered questions, such as how it was possible that Grant Thornton didn't discover such a massive defalcation.
It's important that the firm has Securities Investor Protection Corporation insurance or some other form of insurance should a defalcation occur.
For example, speaker of the British parliament, Michael Martin, had to resign last year after a defalcation of taxpayers' money.
Perhaps the most serious setback was the defalcation of 1932, a financial and moral disaster in which the college and diocese together lost around $1 million.
He was recently appointed as outside counsel to a title insurance company to investigate multiple claims of alleged fraud and defalcation against a settlement agent which had appeared for numerous banks.
Unlike an old-fashioned bank embezzler, who stuffs cash into a valise and blows town, modern defalcation schemes typically involve adding or removing accounting entries into a computer or remitting payments to spurious addresses.
Make certain that the bond is high enough to protect you no matter how large the total defalcation amount is.
Obviously, if fraud or defalcation is involved, serious consequences cannot be averted.
Clench misappropriated funds from the sale of the lands of other First Nations as well and actions against him became known as the Clench Defalcation Claim, which was the subject of investigation from 1847 to 1854.