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Synonyms for defalcation

the sum of money that is misappropriated

the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to your care but actually owned by someone else

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An equally unfortunate but common assumption is that CPL cover all acts of fraud, theft and defalcation.
As such, while they may be large in size, many practical business controls may not be in place to prevent or detect common defalcations.
He was recently appointed as outside counsel to a title insurance company to investigate multiple claims of alleged fraud and defalcation against a settlement agent which had appeared for numerous banks.
Companies occasionally experienced reductions in revenue or operating losses resulting from political risks associated with regime change, social unrest, debt defalcation or currency devaluations.
Clench misappropriated funds from the sale of the lands of other First Nations as well and actions against him became known as the Clench Defalcation Claim, which was the subject of investigation from 1847 to 1854.
7122-1T also includes an example of a business that exercised reasonable care over its financial matters and was subject to a defalcation of funds, including its payroll taxes.
This assumes of course that there are no issues of fraud, defalcation, complete incompetence, intentional misreporting or other grievous problems.
The majority of defalcation policies and procedures, though written and established, are not followed.
The company's operating performance has been variable, due in part to agency defalcation losses suffered in recent years.
As reported by the Company in its Form 12b-25 filed on January 23, 2015, the Company was unable to timely file the Form 10-Q noted above due to the timing and discovery of a Company employee's defalcation and the ongoing special investigation directed by the Company's Audit Committee.
While CATIC s operating performance has been variable in the recent five-year period, due in part to agency defalcation losses suffered prior to 2011, no defalcation losses have been reported since late 2010.
Three main types are: 1) tax work (which we just mentioned); 2) defalcation and fraud; and 3) financial statement work as it relates to third parties, such as banks.
Trouble by the Numbers Compilation Engagements: Causes of Malpractice Claims, 1994-2000 Errors on financial statements 33% Failure to detect defalcation 25 Engagement scope dispute 18 Inadequate disclosures 9 Conflict of interest 7 Fraud 6 Release of records 2 Total 100% Source: AICPA, Compilation and Review Alert 2004/05, page 14.
Additionally, he continued, "Look for a full insurance certification against any defalcation so that if any malfeasance occurs they can recoup.
Good internal controls will reduce the risk of loss due to theft or employee defalcation.