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A defacer could obviate this prong of the analysis by, for example, spray-painting "Impeach Clinton.
Refusing to recognise that those inhuman creatures are defacers of Islam's message, pitting citizens against each other and painting all refugees as dangerous extremists plays right into the hands of Daesh.
That Yemen or its seas should be the theater for the likes of these hoodlums (both the maritime and the misnamed defacers of Islam) speaks very little to give weight to the regime's claim of fighting terrorism and pursing a solution to the piracy openly practiced in its waters.
n 588,815 mass defacements over the years 2000 - 2004 n 194,905 single IP attacks over the years 2000 - 2004 Mr Preatoni added: 'Defacement is just one option for an attacker - in most circumstances the techniques used by defacers are the same techniques used by serious criminals to cause more serious damage.
No one has yet owned up to it and judging by the fact that groups of defacers publicly boycotted the bizarre contest, it certainly looks suspiciously mischievous.
The Defacers Challenge stated that the aim of the competition was to see more than 6,000 sites defaced or disrupted during the course of the competition.