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Nonetheless, bank spokeswoman Josianne Menard said Tuesday that scribbling on bills inappropriate because it defaces a Canadian symbol and source of national pride.
It's disgusting that people would actually deface something so important and beautiful, and I think they should be arrested for criminal damage.
A PUBLICLY funded exhibition is encouraging people to deface the Bible in the name of art - and visitors have responded with abuse and obscenity.
Coun Paula Smith (Lib Dem Hall Green) said the idea would deface the building.
Breaking the websites is a relatively simple job, and I'm sure that our unknown friends are prepared to conduct wholesale destruction of websites in the particular Islamic countries should the Moroccans deface any more Israeli sites.
According to statements attributed to GNR president Hakon Haugnes, the company updated its Apache and PHP software last week, which seemingly opened the vulnerability and allowed attackers to deface www.
A recent unauthorised contest which encouraged hackers to deface web sites has been described as a failure by a number of antivirus companies.
The Code Red worm takes advantage of a buffer overrun vulnerability, discovered last month, allowing the attacker to gain control over an affected server and deface websites, orchestrate denial of service attacks, reformat hard drives or perform other illegal acts.
Those places are then left to criminals who further deface them, creating a downward spiral in which the fear of crime leads to an increase in criminal activity.
For interim facilities such as WestHelp in Greenburgh New York, he put up what he considers his ideal building -- a low-density facility, no higher than two-stories with no interior corridors or stairwells for people to deface or hide in.
Two House leaders are calling for investigations into how hackers managed to access and deface government websites this past Wednesday.
The kids hang around in large numbers and drop all their litter and deface the monument with graffiti.