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Synonyms for de-escalate

diminish in size, scope, or intensity

reduce the level or intensity or size or scope of

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Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed that "differences of opinion about events" that led to Ukraine crisis did not stop the sides from looking for ways to deescalate the security and political situation "in and around Ukraine.
I strongly urge the Russian and Ukrainian leaders to deescalate the situation, avoid hasty actions, and immediately engage in direct and constructive dialogue to resolve all these problems.
Donilon quoted Obama as telling Xi, "The parties should seek to deescalate, not escalate; and the parties should seek to have conversations about this through diplomatic channels and not through actions out of the East China Sea.
Asked by reporters if he sees the situation in Scarborough to improve with the pullout of ships, Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said: "Yes, this is an easing of strains and we appreciate the gesture of both parties to deescalate tension in Panatag Shoal.
They also called on the two parties to deescalate the current tension and to resolve their difference through negotiations.
According to sources privy to the meeting, Sabharwal told Sharif that New Delhi is eager to deescalate the heightened tension between the two countries and also briefed him about the India's efforts in this regard.
We did our utmost to deescalate the situation, but our words fell on deaf ears.
When I show them that I am vulnerable and don't care what people say about me, I deescalate the situation and help them see that teasing does not have to "break" them.
No one from the outside can impose a settlement, but we must work to help the two sides further deescalate current tensions and begin to tackle the more fundamental differences between them.
When confronted with a person who exhibits unusual or potentially dangerous behavior, law enforcement officers should not focus on criminal responsibility, but rather on how they should respond to the person to deescalate the situation and maintain safety.