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leather from the hide of a deer

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100 in silver, as the first year's produce; and then pulling out the deerskin purse with the pistoles, 'And here, my dear,' says I, 'is the gold watch.
Piers Morgan's Life Stories ITV, 9pm Just turned 75, and looking amazing, Raquel Welch has been a Hollywood sex symbol ever since she wore that deerskin bikini in One Million Years BC.
is an exceptionally rare deerskin book from the Mixtec of central Mexico dating to AD 1200-1521.
It may be made of cowhide, pigskin, deerskin or goatskin, depending on the job at hand.
Nor will lovers of retro-styled machines be clambering to get their 40s deerskin gauntlets on it.
A Cherokee Origin for the 'Catawba' Deerskin Map (c.
Navajo leaders anointed him as an official member of the tribe, gave him a ceremonial deerskin and dubbed him Natani Nez--"Tall Soldier.
We discussed how soaking a twig in water, then twisting in into a circle and wrapping it in deerskin, or sinew, made the flames.
Made from soft, supple, high quality, deerskin leather.
More important, it is the simplicity of the architecture that puts Jacinto's child into stark relief, who seems to add the only dimensionality to the scene as he lays swathed in "a cradle of deerskin which hung by thongs from the roof poles" (121).
The Finns, from the frontier of Europe, lived in rough log cabins in New Sweden, and soon after settling there they could be found dressed in animal skins instead of European clothing and shod in deerskin moccasins.
By employing native peoples as procurers in the pelt and deerskin trade, they contributed to the spread of disease and the militarization of the southeast.
Additional products include deerskin purses and fringed gauntlets similar to those worn in pictures of the explorer Alexander MacKenzie in 1789.
They were after a particular look, working off Paul Gerrard's very precise images, using a wild Scottish red deerskin, for which I have a Scottish supplier.
1989) (finding defect where ship engine malfunctioned); Deerskin Trading Post, Inc.