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Synonyms for deerhound

very large and tall rough-coated dog bred for hunting deer

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Every so often this deerhound will jump at me - he's 7ft 8in on his hind legs - and I've had bigger butts from him than anything I've seen on a football field.
Eric has found three nine-letter words in Webster's Second Unabridged that have this property: KOMINUTER + SPRITTAIL = DEERHOUND.
There were owls, including a barn owl called Jessie, two or more armadillos, rabbits, dormice, a racoon (which hibernated in a chest of drawers), peacocks, parakeets, kangaroos and wallabies, a Canadian marmot or woodchuck, a Pomeranian puppy called Punch, an Irish deerhound called Wolf, a Japanese salamander, two laughing jackasses, a small Brahmin bull that had to go when it chased Rossetti around the garden, and, at length, in September 1869, the wombat.
WILL you give a new home to Jimmy, a two-year-old Deerhound cross with an excellent temperament?
Deerhound Club's Open Show, in Dunblane Hydro Hotel.
Previously owned by WinStar Farm, Kentucky, the 11-year-old daughter of Deerhound belonged to Lloyds of London at the time of her death.
By a strange twist of fate, some crew members were rescued by the British yacht Deerhound - also built in Birkenhead by Laird Brothers.
Volunteers from the charity held a four-day street collection from January 25 to 28 with the help of Shaggy, a huge Scottish Deerhound, and Sixer, a tiny Yorkie, in the centre of Newcastle.
Marshall's deerhound called Kola died from jaundice on the day she was rescued by RSPCA inspectors.
AS one of an abandoned litter of puppies, Edward the lurcher deerhound cross had little going for him.
The great deerhound lay at their feet like a heraldic beast.