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Just as deer hunting has been a traditionally a male-dominated sport, the paper industry--particularly the environmental and engineering (or technical) fields--attracts more men than women.
Excessive absenteeism due to deer hunting season" brought on an unprecedented number of cases of, "grip, severe headache, rheumatism, and other ailments," and affected production at Reo, Motor Wheel, and Fisher Body with whole shifts canceled at Oldsmobile.
The researchers' data revealed that deer hunting puts rigorous demands on the cardiovascular system.
12 ALABAMA: Riverton Community Hunting Area offers 6,625 acres of public deer hunting in Colbert County, in the state's northwest corner.
Their goal was to identify the top problems facing whitetail deer and deer hunting.
Other than hunting them in funnels and feeding areas along creeks and rivers from treestands, there are not a lot of whitetail strategies that translate to mule deer hunting.
8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As deer hunting season approaches in Michigan, Fremont Insurance would like to remind drivers of the increased risk of a deer-car collision that accompanies this annual outdoor tradition.
com)-- Texas outdoor insurance specialist today called on Deer hunters to ensure they have adequate Deer hunting accident insurance before going hunting this season.
1:30: Trophy Deer Hunting with Outdoor Channel Deer City USA (A)
In "The Pocket Deer Hunting Guide: Successful Hunting With A Rifle Or Shotgun", author and avid deer hunter Steve Carpenteri draws upon his more than forty years of experience and expertise to create an invaluable, practical, and thoroughly 'user friendly' reference guide that is ideal for the novice and of significant utility for even the experienced hunter.
Eladio Gamez, 25, had been out with friends and relatives on the last weekend of deer hunting season in the San Gabriel Mountains but failed to show up Saturday night at their backcountry campground when the day's hunt was over, authorities said.
The busy deer hunter seldom has time to read all the books on the market providing tips on deer hunting strategy: but if only one book were recommended, make it the '12-Step program' of Whitetail Wisdom: A Proven 12-Step Guide To Scouting Less And Hunting More.
Rural affairs minister Alun Michael told the House of Commons that coursing and deer hunting would be outlawed.
Hunt supporters have focused on fox hunting but thankfully the bill aims to ban all hunting with hounds, including deer hunting.
Two of Pennsylvania's most influential institutions, deer hunting and religion, are going head to head in a heated debate at the state capital.