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These words echo the first deer hunt of book one where the exact phrase is used (1.
Some deer hunts on some Wildlife Management Areas are draw-only (President's Island, within sight of the Memphis skyline, is perhaps the most coveted tag in the state), while others are open concurrent with statewide seasons.
Single ticket prices are $4 for deer hunts, $6 for elk hunts and $11 for pronghorn, bighorn sheep, mountain goat and combination deer/elk hunts.
Naturally, everyone was excited, including Michaella, or "Mikie," who first began accompanying her dad on deer hunts before she was in grade school.
Raising the barrel for the hunting console genre, "Cabela's(R) Deer Hunt 2005 Season" is much more than a sequel.
Activision Publishing's "Cabela's(R) Deer Hunt 2004 Season" Is Now
October 19, 2005 was the third day of my Alberta mule deer hunt and it was a cool 31 degrees with slight southwest winds.
October 19th was the third day of my Alberta mule deer hunt and it was a cool 31 degrees with a slight southwest wind.
From there you'll travel to eastern Colorado with John May for a spot-and-stalk mule deer hunt.
Buckmasters(R) Deer Huntin'(TM), is a unique hand-held, computerized game which incorporates all of the elements of an actual deer hunt.
Electronic Arts Ships Deer Hunt Challenge for the PC; EA SPORTS Expands Traditional Sports Lineup with True-to-Life Hunting Simulation (BW205 8:39)
It's my opinion that you would be better off if you just give each dummy a bow and let them deer hunt for you.
Electronic Arts (Nasdaq:ERTS), the world's largest interactive entertainment software company, today announced that it shipped Deer Hunt Challenge(TM) for the PC.
The January 1991 primitive deer hunt accounted for 6,141 deer taken.
There is also a special feature and tribute to Dale Earnhardt on his last deer hunt.