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Synonyms for deepening

a process of becoming deeper and more profound

accumulating and becoming more intense


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EAM @SushmaSwaraj and FM of Jordan Ayman Safadi discussed steps to set up a robust agenda for deepening and diversifying areas of cooperation in the fields of trade and investment, defence and security and people-to-people contact," Raveesh tweeted.
Since political institutions are not strengthened by accident, democratic deepening also relies on the skills, intelligence, charisma and commitment of political leaders in improving the quality of their democracies.
New Jersey argues the Corps violated conditions of the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, and Coastal Zone Management Act by failing to perform new environmental impact analyses that would address changes in the deepening project and provide more and complete testing of contaminants in river sediments.
Against this background, this study is carried out to provide further evidence towards the ascertainment of the true relationship between financial deepening or development and economic growth and development, on one part and between financial deepening and inflation, on the other.
The deepening will take the container berths at North Quay to a depth of 14.
The Doctrine of Deepening Insolvency in the United States A.
If an auditor is alleged to have "missed" an accounting irregularity in an audit or the performance of other services, and eventually the company fails, a claim for deepening insolvency might be asserted.
In the meantime, CAFTA and SPP are being used to ratchet up the broadening and deepening processes in preparation for a future reintroduction of the FTAA.
Another important development is the deepening of the Hoyle Pond underground mine.
Deepening Littlerock Reservoir, whose bottom surface has risen since its 175-foot-tall concrete dam was finished in 1924, would reduce the amount of winter and spring runoff water that in wet years flows for weeks or months over the dam spillway.
Then they slowly regain balance by pulling their hips forward over their arches while maintaining the curve in their spine and deepening their demi plie.
It's meant to communicate the deepening, thickening, growing life of faith that we experience as God's gathered people.
Even this institutional crisis, Weigel contents, can be transformed into an opportunity for renewal and deepening of faith.
Deepening more than 100 miles of the channel by three feet would enable shippers to carry 6,000 additional tons of cargo (many larger ships can carry 60,000 tons), shrinking transportation costs by more than a dollar a ton and saving $34 million each year.