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of or carried on in waters of great depth

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We are pleased to be able to sign the PSCs to operate the three offshore deep-water blocks with the Government of Myanmar and our partner MOECO.
Petrobras, a world leader in deep-water exploration, has since been working with TPAO in that area's most challenging parts.
It is the first independent deep-water oil drilling to be conducted by a Chinese company, and China is the first country to explore deep-water oil and gas resources in the South China Sea.
Abuja had set a target of keeping the cost of production from deep-water fields within the range of $6.
Malta itself, through a contract with Heritage Oil, plans to drill a high impact deep-water exploration well within its waters in the fourth quarter of the year.
and other international oil companies have shown interest in a deep-water drilling permit in the Black Sea off Bulgaria, Deloitte Bulgaria Chairman Ilian Vassilev said.
HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) said that major banks in the US would not pull back from financing deep-water drilling operations because of the recent oil spill in the US.
The reality is that thousands of America's deep-water oil rigs were operating every day, routinely and mostly without incident, prior to the accident.
The large plumes being created by the oil spill, some of which are reported to be several miles long, sit in the water column situated between this source of food and these deep-water corals.
BHP Billiton is interested in deep-water exploration here but wants government to review its high tax regime and provide incentives for upstream companies that take risks, said Vincent Pereira, president of BHP Billiton Trinidad & Tobago, reports Reuters.
When a wave tears toward shore, it abruptly slams into the reef and crashes with all of its deep-water energy.
The Port of Callao, meanwhile, operates several terminals but only one of them can be converted into a deep-water facility.
Dr Hall-Spencer said: "Some of these areas have yet to be explored, but even before we have had the chance to see their treasures, they are being bulldozed by deep-water trawling.
A legendary Timmins prospector, famous for rocking Queen's Park's boat, wants to create a deep-water port on the western half of James Bay to establish marine polar trade routes.
Shallowwater copepods flock to light, but researchers know less about the deep-water counterparts.